1870-S Silver Dollar Coin [Seated Liberty] Value & History

The early 1870s were an important time for the United States Mint. In one key event, 1873 passage of the Coinage Act marked the last class that the silver dollar coin would be struck. 1870 Seated Liberty Dollar Obverse

This efficaciously ended production of the silver dollar for commercial consumption. not only changing the landscape of coins in the United States, this development ensured the curio and collectability of silver dollars nowadays. The 1870-s argent dollar is known nowadays as one of if not the rarest flatware coins ever struck in the United States .
besides known as the 1870 Seated Liberty Silver Dollar, this silver dollar has a face prize of $ 1.00. It was designed in 1840 by Christian Gobrecht, the Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint at that clock.

The coins obverse and reverse sides were primitively based off of one of Gobrechts earlier silver dollar designs, with a left-facing seat dame liberty on the front. The back of his early design depicted a soaring eagle .
however, prior to all-out production of the flatware dollar mint in 1840, the Director of the U.S. Mint changed the designs slenderly. The seat lady autonomy design was modified to depict a charwoman with a larger head and entire clothe. thirteen stars were besides placed around her steer and the overall relief was lowered .
On the reversion, the soaring eagle was replaced by a left-facing eagle, inclusive of a harbor on its summit. The words United States of America and One dollar were kept as part of the original blueprint, but a streamer with the words In God We Trust was added.

The 1870 silver dollar coin reflects all of these design changes and modifications .


The silver content of the 1870-s silver dollar coin comes in at 90 % with a eloquent weight unit of 0.775 ounces. This represents a silver melt of around $ 15.52, making the 1870 eloquent dollar worth 15x its confront value.

however, the respect of the mint doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate arrest there. A roughly estimate of the coins numismatic value is said to be around $ 177,286. Further, an 1870 ash grey dollar that is in a certified mint state can be expected to fetch around $ 1,959,95 at auction. This makes it one of the most valuable argent dollar coins in United States history .
With extreme rarity comes extreme value. While ash grey dollar coins were minted in multiple locations between 1840 and 1873, very few coins from 1870 are available nowadays. This is attributed, in share, to the fact that many of the coins were melted down to be repurposed coins of a smaller appellation. After the passage of the Coinage Act, these coins were not again seen until 1914, at the American Numismatic Society Exhibition .

Final Thoughts

With roughly ten still in being, it should come as no surprise that the numismatic collector ’ s rate of the 1870 ash grey dollar mint is incredibly senior high school. In 2003, a control coin in uncirculated condition sold for over $ 1 million. even coins in less than stellar condition will likely exceed the six trope notice and, as time passes, can be expected to move beyond the 2003 auction price .

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