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History, Information, and Value of 1893 Morgan Dollar

Value of 1893 Morgan Silver Dollar

Among Philadelphia Mint dollars, the 1893 Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the more elusive issues in Mint State. Worn examples are worth good chunks of money, but when found, offer an economic alternative to an Uncirculated 1893. circulation hit coins are normally above average, but the Proof strikes of the 1893 dollar are normally lightly struck at the centers. Luster, however, is normally frigid and attractive. Always available in Proof for those concerned. Proofs of the date have been called the most ailing strike of all the Proof Morgans. If you desire one, look for fully hair details above Liberty ’ s ear and you ’ re on the right track.
This 1893 $1 Silver Coin Can Be Hard to Track Down: This modest-mintage date is available in most circulate grades from banal to AU, though any of the grades along the way can be considered elusive at the least. A pleasing EF or AU mint is ideal for a circulate Morgan dollar set, though some patience will be required to find good the correct patch.
This Rewarding UNC Will Pay Dividends if Found: The date is available in Uncirculated grades but chiefly at the MS-60 to 62 levels. At MS-63 and finer grades the date is scarce and not often found in the market. not many bags of this date have always been available though a few came to light in the early 1950s and again in the Treasury releases of the early 1960s. Diligence pays off here and a pleasing MS-64 model with a crisp hit and hard shininess will be its own honor in your Morgan dollar set.

The obverse text on the Morgan Dollar reads “Liberty; E Pluribus Unum; 1893.” The overrule text on the Liberty dollar reads “United States of America; In God We Trust; One Dollar.” The obverse of the eloquent one dollar coin has a raid of a female facing the leave wearing a cap and small crown, with flowers tucked in her haircloth and stars surrounding the boundary line. The overrule of the Morgan Dollar has an eagle in the center with its wings spread and a wreath surrounding.

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