1974 Silver Dollar Value (A 1974-S Silver Dollar Sold For $13,512.50)

Have you come upon a 1974 silver medal dollar and don ’ thyroxine know if this mint is worth keeping ? 1974 Eisenhower dollars can be rightfully valuable, particularly in beneficial condition .
According to the NGC Price Guide, an “ average ” Eisenhower dollar dating back to 1974 in circulate condition can be worth somewhere between $ 1.05 and $ 1.50. however, on the open market and on-line auction, a 1974 silver dollar in uncirculated condition and pristine condition can be worth a small fortune .

1974 Eisenhower Silver Dollar History

1974 Eisenhower Silver Dollar History1974 Eisenhower Silver Dollar History
The Eisenhower dollar was a one-dollar coin issued by the United States Mint, issued from 1971 to 1978. This particular plan was the first of the dollar denominations released by the US Mint since the Peace dollar era, which ended in 1935.

Interesting facts from the history of Eisenhower flatware dollars :

  • Most of the Eisenhower dollars were made of a copper-nickel combination; nevertheless, the collectible specimens were 40% silver composition.
  • From 1971 until 1974, the U.S. Mint struck special edition silver Eisenhower coins, which were sold in outstanding brown presentation boxes. Each of these packages was originally valued at $10.


Both sides of the 1974 flatware dollar coin were designed by Frank Gasparro .
besides, these coins were the only dollar coins whose circulation strikes had no silver in their composition .


On the obverse, or the head side, the coin depicts the portrayal of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of America ’ s most outstanding military commanders and United States ’ thirty-fourth President .


The rearward, besides known as the buttocks side, presents a reshape Apollo 11 insignia, the symbol for the 1969 NASA operation. This was a historical here and now for humanness when the first gear men landed on the daydream. The emblem for the Apollo 11 moon-landing mission was sketched by Michael Collins, one of the astronauts who took part in this memorable journey .
look at this excellent presentation video of a 1974 silver dollar containing 40 % silver .

1974 Silver Dollar Value

1974 Silver Dollar Value1974 Silver Dollar Value

Mint Marks

mint marks indicate the mint that has struck those particular coins. Regarding 1974 silver dollars, these coins were minted in 3 different areas of the U.S.A .

1974 Dollar With No Mintmark

These 1974 Eisenhower dollars with no mintmarks were struck in the Philadelphia Mint. Their mintage ( number of coins minted ) reached an impressive 27,3 million pieces. Expect these coins to be quite common and easy to find on the market .
regardless of their condition, the no-mint mark of 1974 dollars is worth more than their face value. These coins are highly collectible, and it ’ s no wonder, considering their diachronic value .
Their approximate respect in well-circulated grades is $ 1.10 to $ 1.25. In uncirculated condition ( MS-63 ), the no batch notice 1974 dollar is worth $ 6.65 according to the USA Coin Book. last but not least, this type of 1974 ash grey dollar in MS-67 can rate a little luck, considering the auction record of $ 6,600 paid for this specimen in 2021 .
The 1974 Dollar With No MintmarkThe 1974 Dollar With No Mintmark

1974-D Dollar Coin Value

You can easily recognize these specimens by the “ D ” mintmark, which comes from the Denver Mint. 45,5 million pieces of the D Eisenhower dollar were struck during 1974 .
In go around condition, the 1974-D Eisenhower dollar coins value around $ 1.25 according to NCG Coin Guide. On the other hand, uncirculated specimens would typically fetch less than $ 10 .
In MS-65 condition, the 1974-D one-dollar coin is truly cherished, and its monetary value can go up to $ 14,100 – the absolute read in an on-line auction .
  1974-D Dollar Coin Value  1974-D Dollar Coin Value

1974-S Silver Dollar Value

The 1974-S flatware dollars were struck by the San Francisco Mint, and the entire coinage of these coins was about 2 million pieces. This is a relatively small number compared to the previous categories .
however, these pieces are relatively common except for those in high batch state grades. normally, the 1974-S Eisenhower silver medal dollar will be worth around $ 10 in circulate discipline .
however, you should know that the auction record for the 1974-S argent dollar in MS-68 was registered in 2021, when this type of coin sold for more than $ 13,000 .
1974-S Silver Dollar Value1974-S Silver Dollar Value

1974-S Silver Proof Dollar Coin

besides popularly known as the brown Ike among passionate collectors, the 1974-S 40 % silver validation dollars were besides struck by the San Francisco Mint .
These proof argent coins saw a mintage of 1,3 million pieces. Their average price is around $ 10, but this rate can increase based on the condition .
The most valuable 1974-S validation ash grey dollar was Proof-70 graded and was sold in 2007 for $ 4,600 .

1974 Silver Dollar Grading System

Determining the value of an old mint has a batch to do with its degree and condition. Check these grades before purchasing or selling your 1974 silver dollars :

  • Very Fine (VF-20) – the hair over the eye details on the portrait of Eisenhower are quite worn, while the other strands over the ear are still well-defined.
  • About Uncirculated (AU-50) – the coins might present some slight traces of wear; nevertheless, most of the original luster is still visible, although a little damaged by some contact marks.
  • Uncirculated (MS-60) – the coins have no traces of wear; the full mint luster is visible, but you can expect to notice some surface marks, even tiny traces of wear.
  • MS-63 Uncirculated – contact marks and blemishes might appear on focal prominent areas. Luster is not consistent.
  • MS-64 Uncirculated – These coins are highly attractive and have a visible luster.
  • MS-65 – This is one of the more common higher grades; coins have only light scattered contact marks. Expect to have an eye-appealing piece of the collection.
  • MS-67 and beyond – coins in mint condition are graded MS-67 and above, these are rare and will be the most valuable (other than rare error coins in mint condition)

 1974 Silver Dollar Value Chart

VF20 AU 50 MS
MS 63 MS-64 MS 65 PR
1974 Eisenhower Dollar No Mint Mark $1.05 $1.10 $2 $15 $25 $35
1974-D Eisenhower Dollar $1.05 $1.10 $2 $12.50 $17.50 $30
1974 S Silver Dollar $6.75 $7.25 $10 $17.50 $20 $25


Editor’s Note
Keep in mind that these are entirely average prices which are meant as a guide. They might differ from one source to another, vitamin a well as according to marketplace fluctuations. Values stated are correct at the fourth dimension of writing according to USA Coin Book. Thorough grocery store research is required for up-to-date values .

Precious 1974 Silver Dollar Errors

Precious 1974 Silver Dollar ErrorsPrecious 1974 Silver Dollar Errors
The 1974 silver medal dollar errors might add even more rate to the coin. These are the most frequent flaws that appear on 1974 silver medal dollars :

  • The Double Die Coin Error is quite scarce. Depending on how prominent the doubling is, these coins might value a small fortune, especially if they are silver. Look closely for the doubling in the date, design details, or lettering. This is an expensive example found on eBay.
  • The 1974 Off-Center Dollar Coin Error – if you stumble upon this type of error, you are lucky, especially if it is a 1974-S silver dollar.
  • 1974 Broadstrike Dollar Coin Error applies to Ike dollars and refers to edge errors. These coins might not have parallel lines; you can notice this error by looking at the edges. These coins are wider than normal and show no edge reeding.

Find more about the 1974 silver dollar error from this compel video which will besides provide an appraisal of the value you can expect .


Q: Where is the mint mark on the 1974 silver dollars?

A: The mint mark is located on the mint ’ randomness obverse, right field under President Eisenhower ’ s portrayal and above the 1974 date .

Q: Which Eisenhower dollars have silver content?

A: The Eisenhower dollars were foremost conceived in 1969 by the US Mint. however, the production started in 1971. only the coins issued in Proof and BU versions from 1971 to 1976 were 40 % silver .

Q: How to distinguish silver coins from clad coins?

A: The best method to determine whether the coins are silver or not is by looking at the edges. The mint is actual silver if you see a solid eloquent stripe. On the other hand, a copper agate line indicates the coin is clothed .
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