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Five dollars
Hong Kong
Value 5.00 HKD
Mass 13.5 g
Diameter 27 mm
Thickness 3.26 mm
Edge plain, lettered “Hong Kong Five Dollars” in English and Chinese
Composition Cupronickel
Years of minting 1976, 1978–79 (Decagon) 1980–90, 1993, 1995, 1997–98, 2012–13
Catalog number
Design Bauhinia
Designer Joseph Yam
Design date 1992
Design 5 with value in English and Chinese
Designer Joseph Yam
Design date 1992

The five dollar coin is the second-highest denomination mint of the Hong Kong dollar. It replaced the five dollar banknotes in 1976. It was beginning issued as a 10-sided coin in 1976, under british govern. The coin was besides made of copper-nickel but weighed 10.76 grams, was 31 millimeter in diameter and 2.08 millimeter thick. The obverse featured Arnold Machin ‘s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the dedication Queen Elizabeth II. Its reverse featured a crowned british leo and the class of mint, ampere well as the nation ‘s name and the mint ‘s denomination in both English and Chinese. [ 1 ] In 1980, the current round coin was issued, being slenderly smaller and heavier. This mint replaced the leo on the reverse with a number five, but retained Machin ‘s portrayal. In 1985, the portrayal of the Queen was changed to the one by Raphael Maklouf, introduced to british coins in the lapp year. [ 2 ]

In 1993, the prototype of the Queen on the obverse was replaced by a Bauhinia flower. Since that year, the bloom features on all of Hong Kong ‘s coins in circulation. The identify of the nation in both English and Chinese has been moved onto the obverse. [ 3 ] A commemorative issue was released in 1997 to commemorate the handover of Hong Kong to China from the United Kingdom. It had five bats of happiness on the reverse, surrounding the shou fictional character of longevity. The date was split on each side of the quality and the appellation moved to the top. [ 4 ]

mintage [edit ]

Year [5][6] Mintage
1976 30,000,000
1978 10,000,000
1979 12,000,000
1980 40,000,000
1981 20,000,000
1982 10,000,000
1983 4,000,000
1984 4,500,000
1985 6,000,000
1986 8,000,000
1987 ???
1988 16,000,000 circulation. 20,000 proof.
1989 37,000,000 (10,040,000 issued)
1990 Unknown but never issued.
1993 10,000,000
1995 50.000
1997 Shou character commemorative. Unknown circulating. 97,000 proof.
1998 Unknown
2012 40,000,000
2013 ???
2015 Unknown
2017 Unknown
/// = has not been minted, ??? = unknown yet, — = only minted for sets

References [edit ]

  • Ma Tak Wo 2004, Illustrated Catalogue of Hong Kong Currency, Ma Tak Wo Numismatic Co., LTD Kowloon Hong Kong. ISBN 962-85939-3-5
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