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What Is Badger DAO (BADGER)?

Badger DAO is an open-source, decentralized automated administration that is dedicated to build products and infrastructure of simplifying the use of Bitcoin ( BTC ) as collateral across many fresh contract platforms. The platform is a share space where the developers, known as Badge Builders, have the ability to collaborate and implement Bitcoin as collateral to as many blockchains as possible. A developer can earn a share of the fees and BADGER tokens from the developer mine consortium for every execution. The mainnet was launched on December 3, 2020. A builder can be a unmarried developer, a group of developers, or even a company. There are no specify obligations to participation requirements, and anyone can create. The pillars of Badger DAO include the Badger Builders, the community-created products, the Dedicated Badger Operations team, the fairly initial distribution of the BADGER tokens for government and the fact that all of the code is open-sourced .

Who Are the Founders of Badger DAO?

The founder of Badger DAO is Chris Spadafora. He is a long-run crypto enthusiast, investor, and partner at Angelrock.

What Makes Badger DAO Unique?

Badger DAO has two chief products : Sett and DIGG. Badger DAO is a community-driven project ; as such, before any products are developed they first need to be pitched to, voted on and approved by token holders. Sett is a decentralized finance ( DeFi ) collector that has flash lend moderation measures focused on tokenized BTC through five strategies. once a user makes a deposit, they can earn a yield as the protocol ’ s smart contract does the work. In order to incentivize this participation, farmers that down payment tokenized BTC into the Sett vault gain BADGER and DIGG. Aside from a 0.5 % fee, an extra 4.5 % is deducted from the profits to cover accelerator and transaction costs. DIGG is a non-custodial synthetic Bitcoin on Ethereum ’ s blockchain that is pegged to the monetary value of BTC with a compromising supply and a re-base function. Its main goal is to remove centralized third base parties .

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How Many Badger DAO (BADGER) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Badger DAO ( BADGER ) has a circulating provision of 7,339,511 tokens as of March 2021 and a maximum add of 21,000,000 BADGER .

How Is the Badger DAO Network Secured?

Badger DAO has passed the initial audit of its smart contracts by the Zokyo audit team with no critical issues found.

Badger DAO has established a security advisory committee that is composed of white hat hackers that regularly review the project ’ mho ecosystem. Badger DAO besides has plans to develop incentives that will reward public peer reviewers and to launch a hemipterous insect bounty program .

Where Can You Buy Badger DAO (BADGER)?

Badger DAO ( BADGER ) can be bought or sold on the following exchanges : If you are new to trade cryptocurrencies, feel detached to read our guide on how to buy Bitcoin ( BTC ) here .

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