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recently, Battlestate Games celebrated their birthday by gifting all players a lot of in-game items including 100 GP Coins. This many coins beg the wonder what you should do with them coins. Because in-game gifts do not have the Found In Raid condition you can not sell them on the Flea Market. This leaves you with only two choices :

  • Sell the GP Coins to the trader, Therapist, for roubles OR
  • Use the GP Coins for barter trades offered by the traders

But, which choice is better ? Lets review them both .

Selling GP Coins To The Traders

GP CoinGP Coins therapist loves GP Coins and will offer the best price for them compared to the other traders. She pays 21,480 Roubles for each GP Coin. Thus, 100 GP Coins sold for 21,480 Roubles each would earn you 2,148,000 Roubles. At this point you may be appreciating the birthday giving quite a bite more. But, could you earn more if you traded them for barter items and sold those ?

Remember : You can see which traders are the best to sell an detail to in our article Best Trader To Sell Items To .

GP Coin Barter Trades

Below is a tilt of all barter trades available for GP coins by the traders. The Components Value represents how a lot a trader will buy the raw materials for. The Barter Value shows how much a trader will buy the barter item for. Because barter trades do not have the Found In Raid condition you will not be able to sell the items on the Flea Market .

Trader Components Barter Item Components Value Barter Value

FN Five-seveN MK2 5.7×28 pistol
21,480 15,561
LL4 x3
AK-74N Magpul
64,440 63,408

FN P90 5.7×28 submachinegun CWDG
107,400 98,542
LL2 x1


Simonov Semi-Automatic Carbine SKS 7.62×39
22,588 23,225
LL2 x1


Colt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle SAI
184,302 112,591
LL3 x4
Colt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle LVOA
85,920 69,244
LL3 x2
GLOCK 17 9×19 pistol Fischer
42,960 45,177
LL3 x1


Lone Star TX-15 DML Rifle D-Warrior
205,782 138,621

Maska 1Sch helmet
107,400 78,322
LL3 x10
IOTV Gen4 armor (high mobility kit)
214,800 73,639
LL4 x2
Maska 1Sch face shield
42,960 35,836

As you can see, only the GLOCK 17 9×19 pistol Fischer can be sold to a trader ( Mechanic ) for more Roubles than if you sold the GP Coins needed to Therapist.

What Should You Do With GP Coins?

If you are entirely concern in earning deoxyadenosine monophosphate much Roubles as possible, then your best option will be to utilize the Mechanic LL3 barter trade for the GLOCK 17 9×19 pistol Fischer and sell it good rear to him. At the cost of two GP Coins you can use this trade 50 times. This will earn you 2,258,850 Roubles. unfortunately, there is a trade wind limit and ball-shaped terminus ad quem on this barter trade so it may take some time to use all 100 GP Coins .
alternatively, if you plainly sold all 100 GP Coins to Therapist, then you will earn 2,148,000 Roubles good away. This is entirely 110,850 Roubles less than the GLOCK 17 9×19 pistol Fischer trades.

last, if you would actually use any of the barter items, then the trades may be worth it. The cost of the barter trades will be cheaper than if you assembled the weapons or gear yourself with parts from the Flea Market. Saving roubles can be precisely equally significant as earning them. You can review the flea market prices of items with our Item Value Search Utility .

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