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I recently wrote a Steemit post titled How To Build A Cryptocurrency Proof-of-Stake Mining Box For Absolute Newbies. In this article I discussed how to set up a Raspberry Pi as a stake box .
The post gathered quite a comply and made it to the front page of r/cryptocurrency. To illustrate the process I used Denarius ( DNR ), but the other coin I mention is Bulwark ( BWK ). In the article I ran some calculations to work out what sort of passive income I could earn from a dummy investment of US $ 2000 into DNR, both at current prices and if DNR mooned. Since posting it I ’ ve had a number of people messaging me asking about Bulwark and asking if I could run the like profit calculations for it .

Bulwark (BWK)

market capital : $ 7.2 million
Current price : $ 0.84c

here is my cardinal features list :
• Privacy focused
• Proof of Stake
• Masternodes ( 5000 BWK, ~ $ 4000 )
• Low supply ( 14 million )
• Community-oriented
• Security hardware, including the holocene Bulwark Secure Home Node
Bulwark is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency forked from PIVX. The mint was born out of an observation of broadly unfair practices within the masternode space, where a choice handful of early adopters managed to get their hands on a huge symmetry of MNs. Bulwark ’ s fairly launch strategy ( no ICO and small pre-mine ) has allowed participants the opportunity to get on board early with this promising project.

Masternode Return

I can see at masternodes.online that one BWK masternode returns 7692 BWK annually ( ~ $ 6200 at time of writing ). I then did a identical rough calculation to see what these rewards would equate to if Bulwark managed to make it to the lead 50-100 coins by grocery store cap ranking ( I know this is moon talk, but hey, it is precisely for fun ) .
BWK price if made top 100 : $ 10.3
Masternode return per year if BWK made top 100: $79,223

BWK price if made peak 50 : $ 28.3
Masternode return per year if BWK made top 50: $217,639
Keep in mind that these figures are based on nowadays ’ randomness market caps, so in reality if BWK happened to reach the top 100 in a year ’ south time the overall crypto commercialize ceiling will be different, and thus excessively will the rewards. The rewards will potentially besides be a bit higher due to compound growth of your BWK symmetry. Regardless, the advantage potential is absolutely massive, and there is no wonder Bulwark ’ second masternodes are growing in popularity at such pace. My one hypnotism : get them while they ’ re cheap ! And evening if you can not afford a masternode just even, you can always get staking first with a view to buying one down the trace .
Read more on Bulwark here :
Official Website

reference : https://congnghenews.net
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