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Up for auction is a very unique collectible indeed. This is known as the Chicago Coin’s Band Box Jukebox Orchestra Speaker. It is also known as “The Worlds Smallest Band”. This is the holy grail of jukebox accessories. Even the famed orchestra conductor Lawrence Welk owned one.
These band boxes were produced between 1950-1952. They are meant to be connected to a jukebox and would act as an extra speaker or they can also stand alone. The exciting part is when connected to a jukebox, as the record started to play, the curtains would open and the orchestra would begin to play their instruments and sway to the music. When the song was completed, the curtain would close. “Back in the day”, a bar owner would use the band box to build excitement for his clientele and to get the customers to drop more coins in the jukebox.
The band box that I am offering for sale is in excellent original condition. The musicians are unrestored and show some grazing in their finish but these are essentially original, hard-to-find and in excellent shape. The machine has been mechanically re-conditioned and is in excellent working condition. All of the plastics are new but the metal castings are original.
This is one of the earlier and rarer models (from 1950) which features all of the intricate castings that are missing from the later manufactured machines. In addition, this machine includes the rare NBC microphone which the later machines do not. Also, this machine includes the rare reproduction lead singer. He can easily be installed in this machine. In order to keep the machine original, the owner chose not to install him.

A few words about the owner

The owner of this machine is a renowned collector who has decided to reduce his collection at this time. He has a broad assortment of carousel horses, classic jukeboxes, vintage motor bikes and other rare but cool items etc. He has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles and judging by this machine, he clearly only collects the best.

Let’s Look at a Few of This Sellers Other Items

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This rare collectable is located in Long Island, New York. Any interested party is invited and encouraged to make arrangements to view the machine personally.
Winning bidder to pay all shipping costs. The item measures 2.5 ft high X 4 ft wide X 2 ft deep and weighs 80 pounds. Local pickup is preferred but this item can be crated and shipped within the Continental US using a reliable motor freight company. The seller is willing to assist in the arrangements for shipping.
Don’t blow this opportunity. A serious machine for a serious bidder.

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