15 Valuable Old Chinese Coins: Complete Value Guide

Are you a collector searching for the future bad solicitation to immerse yourself in ? Look no promote, for the ancient Chinese mint has the longest, ample, and most fascinate descent of them all ; in fact, archeologists recently discovered the global ’ south oldest coin mint in China .
As an american with chinese inheritance, I have frequently found myself curious about ancient chinese currency, and, as such, I have created a list of the top 15 most valuable chinese coins presented below .

15 Valuable Old Chinese Coins Coins

No. Name

Year Grade Price
15 YR 10 Silver Dollar K-676 L & M-864 Reeded 1921 MS64 PCGS $ 28,680
14 Republic of China Silver Dollar K-683 L & M-864 1924 MS64+ $ 34,800
13 Tsao Kun Silver Dollar K-678 L & M-959 1923 MS63 NGC $ 57,600
12 yuan Shih-kai Silver Specimen Pattern “ L.Giorgi ” Dollar 1914 MS61 NGC $ 132,000
11 Hupeh L & M-181 Tael 1904 NGC MS63 $ 144,000
10 Kuang-hsu Gold Pattern Kuping Tael cadmium 1907 MS63 NGC $ 150,000
9 Kuang-hsu “ Plain Edge ” Proof Dollar ND 1897 PR65 $ 240,000
8 YR 16 Silver Dollar Pattern L & M-962 1927 SP65 $ 336,000
7 Dragon Phoenix 200 yuan 1989 NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo $ 408,000
6 Chang Tso-Lin L & M-1031 1927 SP64 PCGS $ 526,229
5 Jin Dynasty Tianjuan Tongbao Jin Dynasty obscure $ 597,000
4 Yunnan Silver Dollar 1910 NGC AU58 $ 660,000
3 YR 33 Tael Chihli 1907 MS63 NGC $ 996,000
2 YR 3 Silver Long Whiskered Dragon Dollar Pattern L & M-29 1911 MS64 NGC $ 1,340,000
1 YR 17 China S $ 1 L & M-871 Pattern 1928 MS62 $ 2,160,000

15. 1921 YR 10 Silver Dollar K-676 L&M-864 Reeded

Year: 1921
Grade: MS64 PCGS
Price: Sold on Dec 11, 2015 for: 1921MS64 PCGSSold on Dec 11, 2015 for :


1921 YR 10 Silver Dollar K-676 L&M-864 Reeded
Remember how I declared the 1914 Yuan Shih-kai Silver Specimen Pattern “ L. Giorgi ” Dollar as my favorite ? Well, forget that ! The 1921 YR 10 Silver Dollar K-676 L & M-864 Reeded mint is my absolute favorite- barely front at the wonderfully, beautiful, mind-blowing illustration on the inverse !
Pictured on the reverse of the coin is a quaint pavilion beside a eminent tree, housing a group of people who seem to be discussing, say, a poem, or possibly the going-ons in the qing government. If this coin were mine, I ’ vitamin d frame it and hang it on my wall .

14. 1924 Republic of China Silver Dollar K-683 L&M-865

Year: 1924
Grade: MS64+
Price: Sold on Jul 12, 2020 for: 1924MS64+Sold on Jul 12, 2020 for :


Republic of China Silver Dollar K-683 L&M-864
Tianjin Mint. Peaceful ruling commemorative, a short and impressive issue. The mint is superb, comparable to that of a decoration : deeply struck and affect with perfection, the outline is clear and leaps off the back. If you look closely, the details are perfective. The Duan Qirui statue is extremely well-made and graphic. There are a few scratches on the left side of the head on the front side, which is a pity that the denounce stop there .

13. 1923 Tsao Kun Silver Dollar K-678 L&M-959

Year: 1923
Grade: MS63 NGC
Price: Sold on Jun 24, 2021 for: 1923MS63 NGCSold on Jun 24, 2021 for :


1923 Tsao Kun Silver Dollar K-678 L&M-959
The 1923 Tsao Kun Silver Dollar K-678 L & M-959 is of tianjin mint and, similarly to the Chang Tso-Lin coin, carries the might of the warlord imaged on its obverse, making it a coveted collectible for you and I. Tsao Kun served as the president of The Republic of China from October 1923 to November 1924, during which he promoted the 1923 Constitution of China, which, although ignored and quickly forgotten, was quite possibly the most democratic and progressive charter then in China. The coin ’ s sexual intercourse to this history distinguishes it from its peers .

12. 1914 Yuan Shih-kai Silver Specimen Pattern “L. Giorgi” Dollar

Year: 1914
Grade:MS61 NGC
Price: Sold on Jun 27, 2019 for: 1914MS61 NGCSold on Jun 27, 2019 for :


1914 Yuan Shih-kai Silver Specimen Pattern “L. Giorgi” Dollar
The 1914 Yuan Shih-kai Silver Specimen Pattern “ L. Giorgi ” Dollar is personally my favorite due to the intrinsic however soothingly bare example of the wreath of flora highlighted by the cool gray tone of the reverse of the coin. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you think it looks refreshing ?
More importantly, on the obverse, the coin pictures the celebrated Yuan Shih-kai, who forced the abdication of the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the XuanTong Emperor, and became the first President of the Republic of China. The mint with his portrait remembers his force and tells of a monumental event over a century ago. Differentiating this mint from others alike is a fine but crucial detail- the addition of the signature of the Tientsin Mint ’ s headman engraver, Luigi Giorgi, on the shoulder of yuan Shih-kai .

11. 1904 Hupeh L&M-181 Tael

Year: 1904
Grade: NGC MS63
Price: Sold on Jun 24, 2021 for : 1904NGC MS63Sold on Jun 24, 2021 for : $ 144,000 China Hupeh 1904 silver one tael coin obverse and reverse detail L&M-181 K-933b KM-Y-128.1
The 1904 Hupeh tael, whichever variety, is constantly a rare coin. It only circulated for one calendar month before being scrapped, and only 648,000 were minted in the first place. It is impossible to know how many survived, but there is lone 224 coins graded by PCGS to this day, of which entirely 25 with the “ Large Characters ” variety. On June 25, Heritage Auctions sold a perfect one for $ 360,000 USD in Hong Kong .
China Hupeh 1904 silver one Tael Large Characters reverse details L&M-181 K-933b KM-Y-128.1
Circled in orange is the connection point between the big characters and – do you see – little characters in the center of the coin. Such a apt, curious detail instantaneously makes this coin a pry self-control .
On December 1st of the thirtieth class of the GuangXu Emperor, the Hubei Silver Coin Bureau became the Silver Coin Bureau and began manufacturing new argent coins called the “ Hubei Yiliang, ” the first coins to have the words “ Qing Dynasty Silver Coin ” inscribed. unfortunately, these coins failed due to their singular shape, unlike from the normally used seven-money and two-cent flatware dollar form. The 1904 Hupeh L & M-181 Tael halted production soon after, making this mint highly rare .

10. 1907 Kuang-hsu Gold Pattern Kuping Tael CD

Year: 1907
Grade: MS63 NGC
Price: $150,000
1907MS63 NGC1907 Kuang-hsu Gold Pattern Kuping Tael CD
The 1907 Kuang-hsu Gold Pattern Kuping Tael CD has spectacularly beautiful contingent, with multiple modest clouds surrounding a breathless dragon on the coin ’ s obverse and the characters “ Great Qing Gold Coin, ” “ Made During the Kuang Hsu Regime, ” and “ Kuping 1 Tael ” written on its inverse. The mint has bright luster and a gold patina, emphasizing the importance of the dragon .
In the thirty-first year of Guangxu, the qing government promulgated the “ Discretionary Regulations for the Rectification of the Huanfa ”, stipulating that “ the three coins made, namely the Qing gold coins, the Qing flatware coins, and the Qing bull coins, passed through the world, in order to be uniform. The Qing gold coins were not issued afterwards because the gold standard system was not established, and the amount minted was very small. This coin is probably the most iconic and celebrated gold proof mint of the deep Qing Dynasty, only 10 of them are graded by NGC, and only a few of them may be master embossed .

9. 1897 Kuang-hsu “Plain Edge” Proof Dollar ND

Year: 1897
Grade: PR65
Price: Sold on Dec 18, 2020 for: 1897PR65Sold on Dec 18, 2020 for :


1897 Kuang-hsu “Plain Edge” Proof Dollar ND
The 1897 Kuang-hsu “ Plain Edge ” Proof Dollar ND has incredible quality, with mirror fields, fine details, and a razor-sharp strike. The contrast between the blueish-gray and fortunate patina gives the coin an aesthetic allure .
What makes this coin truly singular is its shocking identity as a chinese mint not commissioned in China, but, amazingly, at the Heaton mint in Birmingham, England. It was then shipped to the Nanking mint, which, shockingly, no longer existed .

8. 1927 YR 16 Silver Dollar Pattern L&M-962

Year: 1927
Grade: SP65
Price: Sold on APR 5, 2021 for: 1927SP65Sold on APR 5, 2021 for : $ 336,000 1927 YR 16 Silver Dollar Pattern L&M-962
The 1927 YR 16 Silver Dollar Pattern L & M-962 holds especial significance because it was particularly created to celebrate Chu Yupu ’ s first anniversary as the governor of Chihli. After gaining master of the Chihli army angstrom well as his province, Chu Yupu attempted to reunite China during his Northern Expedition. Although unsuccessful, Chu Yupu is much considered as one of the greatest figures in chinese history, and, as such, a mint remembering his anniversary is a prize symbol indeed .
The coin pictures Chu Yupu in military overdress on its obverse with no other detail, emphasizing the alone figure. On the reverse is the illustration of two intersect flags, symbolizing Chu Yupu ’ s military forces .

7. 1989 Dragon Phoenix 200 Yuan

Year: 1989
Grade: NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo
Price: Sold on Dec 7, 2017 for: 1989NGC PF 69 Ultra CameoSold on Dec 7, 2017 for :


1989 Dragon Phoenix 200 Yuan
During the December Hong Kong sale, Heritage Auctions sold 452 coins for a humongous sum of over four million. Leading the sale was the 1989 Dragon Phoenix 200 Yuan coin, selling for $ 400,000. Do you wonder what is indeed special about this mint ?
In 1989, chinese coins intended for U.S. sale became highly politically undesirable in the U.S. due to a sudden down twist in political relations between the two nations. 2,538 gold coins minted at the Shenyang mint for sale to the U.S. were melted, leaving alone a few examples. The 1989 Dragon Phoenix 200 Yuan mint is one of the only survivors .
A detail, well-preserved picture of a dragon and a phoenix is on the obverse, while a brilliant illustration of the Great Wall of China is on the change by reversal of the coin .

6. 1927 Chang Tso-Lin L&M-1031

Year: 1927
Grade: SP64 PCGS
Price: Sold on 24 Nov 2012 for:  $ 1927SP64 PCGSSold on 24 november 2012 for : $ 526,229 1927 Chang Tso-Lin L&M-1031
The 1927 Chang Tso-Lin L & M-1031 mint ’ s enticement stems from how it reflects the stately ability of one of the most influential characters in China ’ south history. Pictured on the obverse of the coin is Chang Tso-Lin, a warlord who unified Manchuria by organizing an army of commoners and exercising bright military and political methods to bring Manchuria under the political determine of China, in truth an amaze feat. This gold coin is even more matchless because it comes directly from the warlord ’ mho direct descendants and was created as a personal keepsake for Chang Tso-Lin- one of a kind .
This mint sold as the most expensive chinese coin at the November 24th auction at the Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art held during the 2012 Bonhams Hong Kong Autumn Auctions. The mint ’ randomness quality is closely perfect and one of only two coins picturing the respect warlord .

5. Jin Dynasty Tianjuan Tongbao

Year: Jin Dynasty
Grade: stranger
Price: $ 597,000
Jin Dynasty Tianjuan Tongbao
last, we ’ ll finish the list with a surprise candidate hail from millenia earlier than its peers. The Jin Dynasty Tianjuan Tongbao, as hinted through its name, was minted during the Jin Dynasty of China, from B.C 226-420. This coin was unearthed in Henan and possesses a pretty rusted green shade, and I ’ thousand surely many collectors would be thirsting after a mint from sol long ago .

4. 1910 Yunnan Silver Dollar

Year: 1910
Grade: NGC AU58
Price: Sold on Jul 12, 2020 for: 1910Sold on Jul 12, 2020 for :


1910 Yunnan Silver Dollar
The 1910 Yunnan Spring Dollar is fabulously rare, with only two specimens in universe. here, we will focus on the first, auctioned at a Hong Kong auction. It is particularly intriguing, as this coin played a key function in history .
After the qing politics placed regulations upon currency to consolidate ash grey coin mints in Tianjin, a few branch mints around the nation, including the Yunnan mint, continued to mint coins. After being discovered by the taiwanese central government, most yunnan form Dollars were confiscated and melted, with only two surviving to tell the narrative of a modest but celebrated act of defiance long buried in history. possibly, this is the spiritual world value of the mint, having not lone witnessed a crucial historic currentness reclamation but besides a forget scramble .
The obverse of the mint has the characters “ 宣统元宝, ” printed, indicating that it was minted during XuanTong Emperor ’ s predominate from 1908 to 1912. A gallant draco is displayed on the reverse of the coin, lone adding to its appeal .

3. 1907 YR 33 Tael Chihli

Year: 1907
Grade: MS63 NGC
Price: Sold on May 30, 2021.  for: 1907MS63 NGCSold on May 30, 2021. for : $ 996,000 1907 YR33 China Tael Chihli, graded NGC MS 63
The 1907 YR 33 Tael Chihli is another of my favorites because of the three nongregarious pearls placed on the forbidden rim of both the obverse and overrule of the coin. The drop give the already courtly coin a simple elegance .
During Emperor Kuang-hsu ’ second reign, the qing government attempted to introduce an unite Tael neologism, of which this mint was separate of. ultimately, this attempt was not well like and was abandoned after the death of Emperor Kuang-hsu. Most of the coins were melted, with a rare few survive, including this 1907 YR 33 Tael Chihli mint .

2. 1911 Silver Long Whiskered Dragon Dollar Pattern L&M-29

Year: 1911
Grade: MS64 NGC
Price: Sold on May 30, 2021 for: 1911MS64 NGCSold on May 30, 2021 for : $ 1,340,000 1911 YR3 China Silver Dollar Long Whiskered Dragon, graded NGC MS 64
The 1911 Silver Long Whiskered Dragon Dollar Pattern L & M-29 coin sold for a whopping 1.34 million at a Champion Macau auction in May 2021. like to the 1914 Yuan Shih-kai coin, this mint is besides from the works of the italian engraver Luigi Giorgi. In fact, it is so far the finest fall upon specimen of Giorgi ’ s work .

The coin ’ sulfur identity as a work under the hands of Giorgi reveals the cultural diffusion in Eurasia in the early twentieth century. The coin witnessed and tells of the charm Italians and other unlike peoples of Eurasia played upon one another, whether in the coin diligence or elsewhere .

1. YR 17 China S$1 L&M-871 Pattern

Year: 1928
Grade: MS62
Price: Sold on Dec 11, 2021 for: Sold on Dec 11, 2021 for :


YR 17 China S$1 L&M-871 Pattern

The YR 17 China S $ 1 L & M-871 Pattern coin is a coin just adenine celebrated as the serviceman it represents, Chang Tso-Lin, a knock-down warlord in China in the 1920s, previously mentioned with coin numeral three. The year 17 China S $ 1 L & M-871 Pattern coin is singular in that it was proposed and minted after Chang Tso-Lin ’ s death as a last pattern to celebrate Chang Tso-Lin ’ second liveliness. merely ten of these coins are in being, making them extremely rare .

Where to Buy the Coins

now that you know what the most valuable chinese coins are, you may be wondering where you can purchase these prized collectibles. Lower valued coins under 100,000 can often be bought on sites such as Ebay or Etsy. To buy coins valued higher, like those listed above, you must compete with others for the coin at an auction ; Heritage Auctions is a popular auction for these coins .

When Did Coins Stop Being Silver

If you look close at the list of top 15 most valuable taiwanese coins, some are aureate, some are argent, and one is copper. so, when did coins stop- and start- being eloquent ? primitively, in ancient times in China, bull was the merely material used for the mint of coins. During the Ming Dynasty ( 1368-1644 ), silver flowed into China from abroad and gradually dominated the taiwanese currency system. however, in the Qing Dynasty, copper and gold made an appearance aboard silver. After the Xinhai Revolution and the initiation of the Republic of China, the National Currency Ordinance established silver currency as national currency in 1914. It was not until 1935 when the Central Government enacted currency reforms that the circulation of silver medal dollar coins was prohibited .

Which Year’s Coins Are Worth Money

Look again at the list above. possibly you noticed that out of the top 15, only two coins hail from before the twentieth hundred, and only one mint is from the latter one-half of the twentieth hundred. Most of the top 15 most valuable coins are dated to the years 1904 to 1928- these are the coins worth the most money .

Final Thoughts

nowadays that you ’ ve learned all about the top 15 most valuable taiwanese coins, where to buy them, which are worth money, and what they ’ re made of, we ’ d like to know what you think. Comment any thoughts or questions down below, and we will do our best to respond to your motion. If you would like to learn more about auctions, coins, and more, visit the links below .





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