Coin in Glass Bottle Magic Trick

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Most coins used in coin tricks are particularly designed to fool the audience. But in this trick, the sorcerer makes use of real coins. I will show you two ways for this illusion. In the first base method acting, we will see that how the sorcerer passes a coin through the glass bottle and in the second through a field glass table. Both are quite interest and easy to learn .
With a little patience and rehearse these will be big tricks to add to your roll.

Pass Coin Through Glass Bottle

You will need :

  • A small coin
  • A glass bottle

The magician takes a coin and a methamphetamine bottle. He shows his hand to the hearing that he has only one coin nothing else and strikes the mint on the glass bottom that it is hard .
He places the coin in his palm and holds the glass with the other hand. then he rubs the field glass on the mint four to five times. This friction should be in a way that beginning rubs the field glass on the coin and take it off again repeat the same several times .
ultimately, you will see the coin in the looking glass. But how is this possible ?

The Secret

The charming initially places the coin in the center of the palm. then he strikes the glass on the mint three to four times. You can see in the video that the magician then closes his hand and bends it two times. In the second turn, he brings the coin at the tiptoe of his fingers .
then he finally strikes the glass with the force that the coin bounces and strikes with the hand in which he has glass and falls inside the glass.

How audience can ’ t see that the coin is bouncing

This is the dexterity of hand. The magician plays two tricks

  1. The magician holds the glass in such a way that the audience could not see that the coin jumps up.
  2. He does it so quickly that the public can’t guess it.
  3. Pass Through the Table Glass

The magician places the coin on the postpone glass. He places his one hand under the table rightly below the mint .
He keeps his other hand on the mint, and after few seconds the coin appears under the methamphetamine table .

  How is this Possible?

only one coin is visible to the viewers, but there are two coins. The magician places one mint on the mesa. He covers this mint with his one hand .
You can see in the video that in this hand he is wearing a hoop. This ring has a magnet which the sorcerer has fixed with it .
He holds the irregular coin in the other hand craftily that hearing could not see it and places his hand under the board glass.

The mint in lower hand gets to stick to the postpone because of the magnet and upper mint with the magnet .
When the lower coin gets attach to the table, the magician shows his hand that it is empty .
Again places his hand under the mint and takes away his upper hand. And last, he shows the coin to the audience in his lower handwriting.


  1. Take care that public can’t see the second coin.
  2. Before withdrawing your upper hand make sure that the upper coin gets to stick to the magnet.
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