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Coinstar recognizes that a diverse population has varying payment preferences. As crypto custom grows worldwide, our customers will seek greater access to buying and using this new human body of currency. Coinstar ’ s flexible chopine and cash acceptor on choose kiosks enables Coinme to reach a broad customer basis to conveniently provide crypto at the local level

Follow these steps to buy bitcoin today :

1. Create a Coinme report
2. Find a Coinstar booth near you
3. Insert cash into booth ( coins are not accepted for crypto transactions )
4. Redeem your voucher and receive crypto immediately ( per day purchase limits may apply )

Each crypto purchase carries a transaction fee of 4 % and a cash substitute fee of 7 % .

You can only use paper money to buy crypto at Coinstar

Bitcoin and other crypto purchases are available at participating retailers that have Coinstar kiosks enabled for the Coinme product. You can find a Coinstar crypto-enabled booth available near you by using our Kiosk Finder

We hope to offer this service in adenine many Coinstar locations as possible. however, only wallpaper money can be used for crypto transactions, so this option will be available on choose Coinstar kiosks that have charge acceptors and besides comply with local, state, and federal regulations

presently, 7,000+ Coinstar kiosks accept composition bills and could be eligible as crypto machines. We are extending this service and crypto purchases should be available on over 10,000 kiosks identical soon —check back regularly for updates !

You must redeem your code at to claim your bitcoin or other crypto .

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are growing mediums of exchange with a market rate of over one trillion dollars

Yes ! We nowadays offer a wide assortment of crypto options for our customers to choose from. Check out our complete list of crypto options available or find a booth near you to get started .

The Coinstar booth can not give change back, so you must load the claim sum to buy your crypto. If you want to enter a lesser come than you have, you can break down your larger bills to smaller denomination bills at the cash register before using the Coinstar booth

Yes, you will get a voucher that has a redemption code. You will need this code to claim your bitcoin or early crypto purchased at Coinstar by visiting or using the Coinme app .

No, there is not a minimum sum

Yes, the maximal come is $ 2,500 per crypto transaction in most cases. Certain states or areas could have unique restrictions, then constantly check with the booth for case-specific information

As with other Coinstar products, there is a noun phrase fee to use the crypto service

Yes—retailers receive some cash compensation. They besides benefit by getting new customers to visit their stores

We are not mindful of any Coinstar retail collaborator that accepts cryptocurrency for payment—you can inquire with the retailer directly for up-to-date information

Coinstar collects phone numbers to generate the voucher necessity to claim your crypto but does not store that or any other sensitive data of customers buying crypto. Coinme is creditworthy for collecting extra customer information and is primarily creditworthy for applicable submission obligations, including the Bank Secrecy Act

The KYC process is completed by Coinme. All Customers are amply verified via Photo ID by Coinme upon creation of a Coinme score with a selfie “ enliven check ” to match provided ID

  • All customers must provide and validate (via SMS) a real mobile phone number 
  • All customers must have a non-expired valid ID (US state driver’s license or State ID card)  
  • All customers are sanction-screened (via Dow Jones) against most current global government sanctions lists number from being used with more than one account 
  • All customers are verified to be 18 years of age or older and younger than 100
  • All customers are verified to reside within a state that Coinme is licensed to operate  

We take this very badly, as does our partner, Coinme. We regularly evaluate Coinme ’ mho practices and are comfortable with the mechanisms they have in target. We will continue to evaluate helpful processes and procedures regularly

Beyond the KYC process, we have provided fraud prevention messaging throughout the buying process, including the UI screen and the voucher itself. For case, the messaging here lets you know that you can avoid fraud by not sharing your coupon code with anyone and by only sending cryptocurrency to people you know and trust. Coinme besides actively monitors and enforces respective fiscal protections for their users. last, both Coinstar and Coinme enforce transaction limits

If the amounts don ’ thymine match, please reach out to Coinme customer support via on-line old world chat at megabyte. You may besides reach them via phone at 1 ( 800 ) 944-3405

Yes, you can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Coinstar without first setting up a Coinme report, but you will need to set up an account at hypertext transfer protocol : // to claim the cryptocurrency

Using bitcoin for criminal action is becoming increasingly difficult. We partnered with Coinme largely because they ’ ve recognized that the acceptance of bitcoin is dependent on gaining assurance that it ’ s NOT used for illegal activeness. There are risks with every payment musical instrument and the monitor and controls we put in space must match the risk of the instrument. however, the Bitcoin blockchain is a guileless and permanent public record of transactions, making it an increasingly improbable choice for criminal activity as the network ’ sulfur reach grows cosmopolitan .

You may know that the blockchain underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provides a arrant audit trail of addresses for every transaction in its history—a security standard even cash doesn ’ metric ton allow for. As regulation has caught up and law enforcement has learned how to use the audited account chase, consumption of bitcoin for illegal purposes has surely been curtailed, however there is calm a risk. It ’ mho Coinme ’ mho leadership in conformity with the Bank Secrecy Act and related regulation that made them an attractive collaborator for offering bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Coinstar. separate of our diligence in entering this partnership was and is found in ensuring Coinme maintains a rigorous and well-controlled complaisance program

There is no plan for allowing the sale of bitcoin and early cryptocurrencies through Coinstar machines at this time

No, Coinstar does not presently use bitcoin for payments

When using a Coinstar crypto machine, you will see a quote conversion price that “ locks ” the total of crypto you will receive at, regardless of any price changes in the interim

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