How To Make Coinhole Boards

At Coinhole™, we take pride in the detail and craft put into every board. Our master craftsmen work day in and day out to create beautiful, choice boards .
To learn equitable how we make our Coinhole™ boards, keep interpretation ! We besides have steps for how to make Coinhole™ boards that you can follow along with at home if you are hoping to create a DIY dining table .
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Step 1: We Get Our Hands On 100% Made In The USA Select Grade Maple

For measure 1 of making Coinhole™ boards, we purchase our quality, made in the USA plywood. Our wood is never shipped from overseas. If you ’ re looking to make your own board, pay a visit to your local hardware storehouse and use an economic Birch Plywood. however, do note that the blue-ribbon grade maple that goes into our Coinhole™ boards sands smoother and is more aesthetically pleasing than a lower quality circuit board that you could find at big corner home improvement store .
maple plywood coinhole boards

Step 2: Stock Up On Brad Nails, Glue, Sandpaper, Paint or Stain

At Coinhole™, we do things the old fashion way, putting care and time into each board. so if you ’ re following along at home to make your own control panel, make indisputable you have the supplies above. Plus, you ’ ll need the proper tools .
Either buy, borrow or have a postpone understand, a router with a roundover router piece, a drill with a Forstner bit, a complete grease-gun and a clamp. We recommend an air-powered palm drum sander, but you are welcome to hand backbone american samoa well. If you ’ re going to hand paint your board, don ’ t forget to pick up the rouge and brushes you ’ ll need arsenic well .

Step 3: Cut Out The Board

For step 3 of making Coinhole™ boards, we use a table see to cut boards to Official Coinhole™ Board dimensions. To do this, set your meet and cut the wood to the board duration. Reset your visualize, and cut to the official Coinhole™ width .
cutting out a coinhole board on a table saw

Step 4: Cut Out The Board Legs & Attach To The Board

We use caution as cutting out the stage uses a very humble cut. Be sure to use a tug stick and any other guards or safety equipment that you have available. It ’ south very dangerous to use the saw to make this small of a hack ! now it ’ s time to apply the glue. Apply the glue and clamp the leg hard to the board. Use your brad nails and collar gun to place 2-3 nails into each branch. If you ’ re following along at home, let the glue dry for 24 hours before working further with the board .
how to build a coinhole board

Step 5: Drill The Coinhole Hole!

now it ’ randomness clock time to put the “ hole ” in Coinhole ! Set up your drill. If you ’ re doing this at family, you ’ ll want to find a piece of trash wood and clamp it to the table so you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate incidentally drill into the metal table. Find the center of the board from the entrust and rind hand sides of the board and make a mark for each. measure the Official Coinhole™ Hole Size. Slowly drill through it completely with your Forstner bit .
drilling a hole in the coinhole board

Step 6: Route The Board

first set up your table router and get your roundover bit ready. Gently and cautiously route the board with the bit on all corners and edges. It ’ randomness very crucial not to have any tear out, indeed routing very gently is key. One faithlessly move with the router and your board will not be fit for play ! Be sure to route the edges of the trap you just drilled in Step 5 with the Forstner act a well .

Step 7: Sand The Board

At Coinhole, we use high timbre air sanders with 320 grit sandpaper to sand each display panel to a satiny politic finish. We take our time to ensure each spotlight on the board is sanded. If you do not have an breeze drum sander at home, you can achieve the lapp effect by using 100 grit, 120 grit, 150 grit and 220 grit sandpaper. Sand the stallion dining table with each backbone, starting from the lowest backbone and moving to the highest grit. This will ensure you have a uniform sandpaper and a satiny come on fit for playing official Coinhole ! It will besides ensure that any polyurethane or key applied goes on smooth without bubbling or unevenness .

Step 8: Finish The Board (Paint or Stain)

At this point in our workshop process, we use a high quality vinyl with a eminent quality print so that your Coinhole board images are crispen and clean looking. We finish the boards with a laminate to protect your board for act .
The boards are laminated with a high choice material that does not distort the image on the vinyl print. The finish up product looks like a picture behind glass .
Important: On Official Coinhole products, we are able to offer your favored colleges because of our Collegiate Licensing agreements. Due to copyright violation laws, we are unable to offer any College or professional sports boards not presently on the web site. CoinholeTM is a record trademark of Martin ’ mho Woodworking, LLC .
If you are creating your own board at home, and you would like to stain your board, first gear dust off the display panel. then apply your choice of stain with a brush or tabloid. Let it dry for 24 hours. If you are not satisfied with the impressiveness of the tinge, you can apply a moment coat and let it dry for another 24 hours. then, using a clean bush, apply one coat of a polyurethane gloss. Let dry for 24 hours. then lightly hand sandpaper the board for a few seconds and clean away the debris and apply a second coat. Let dry for 24 hours. If you ’ re not satisfied with the shininess of the gloss finish up, you can repeat the procedure above .
Apply paint, using a fuse. Let dry for 24 hours. Hand backbone with highest grit available for smoothness. Repeat. Use an oil-based paint for the best Coinhole display panel end .
great ! now you know how to make Coinhole boards. Before you start on your own project, check out a cost comparison below .

DIY Itemized Cost:
$ 20 – for a one-half piece of Birch Plywood ( or $ 40 for a unharmed sheet )
$ 2 – service cost for an companion to cut the plywood at the storehouse
$ 4 – box of brad nails
$ 3 – woodwind glue
$ 4 – brushes
$ 6 – paint & /or stain
$ 5 – polyurethane color
Total DIY Cost: $ 44- $ 64
Total DIY Time: 3-4 Days
Total Coinhole Official Board Cost: $ 20
Total Time: Ships fast and dislodge in 1-3 occupation days !

Paint Your Own Coinhole Boards
holy order now and use promo code SHIPFREE and you can buy two bare Official Coinhole boards for $ 20. then you can make these boards your own with your choice of paint or other finish !

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Get a cost savings of up to $44 ( vs. your DIY project ) !

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