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Common Cartridge FAQs

What types of cartridges are there ?

Cartridge Types Price Quality
$ $
Name Brand (OEM) Cartridge
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, meaning the cartridge was made by the same
company that made your printer. Name brand cartridges are designed to work with specific
printers and are sometimes the only option if your printer is new or uncommon.
Many printer manufacturers follow the razor-and-blades business model, selling their printers for
cheap while marking up the cost of their cartridges, which often results in higher priced ink.
Name brand cartridges work extremely well and are covered under a warranty by the printer
$ Lifetime Guarantee, Happiness Matters

LD-Brand Compatible Cartridge
A compatible cartridge is a brand new printer cartridge built by a manufacturer other than your
printer. It’s like buying the generic version of the genuine brand. Most are designed slightly
different from the name brand but they will still fit in your machine and print a full yield, just
like the OEM.

Compatible ink is much cheaper than the name brand. Compatible suppliers don’t have to worry about
the additional costs that hinder OEMs like new printers or firmware, which lets them keep prices low.
Premium compatible cartridges from LD Products match the quality and output of the name brand for
less and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.
$ Lifetime Guarantee, Happiness Matters
LD-Brand Remanufactured Cartridge
Remanufactured cartridges are name brand cartridges that have gone through one cycle of use. After
use, the cartridge is recycled, acquired by a remanufacturing facility and put through a rigorous
professional refurbishing process where it is disassembled, cleaned and tested for quality. It’s
then refilled, tested again and brought back to life. Buying remanufactured cartridges prevents one
less cartridge from entering the landfill.
Remanufactured cartridges are much cheaper than the name brand. It’s far more cost effective to
refurbish a previously used cartridge than create a new OEM from scratch.
Premium remanufactured cartridges from LD Products match the quality and output of the name brand
for less and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

What ‘s the difference between ink and toner cartridges ?

Ink Cartridges Toner Cartridges
What printer does it work with?
Material Liquid Ink Toner Powder
How it works Uses a series of nozzles that spray tiny drops of ink onto the page. Uses static electricity and heat to bond toner powder to the page.
Who uses it? Commonly used by families, small businesses, and photographers. Large businesses and schools.

What cartridge size should I buy ?

Standard Yield High Yield Extra High Yield

A standard yield cartridge is the most common cartridge size and since it prints a smaller number of
pages compared to a high yield or extra high yield cartridge, it can often be purchased at a cheaper
price. If you don’t print regularly, standard cartridges are a great choice.

A high yield (also called high capacity) cartridge contains more ink or toner than a standard printer
cartridge and since it prints more pages, it is more expensive too. However, if you normally print a
lot, getting a high yield cartridge is a better value.
An extra high yield cartridge contains even more ink and costs more than a high yield cartridge.
This is more suitable for document-heavy office users. These cartridges aren’t as common as standard
yield or high yield cartridges – not every printer has an extra high yield option!

How many pages will my cartridge print ?
A cartridge ’ randomness page yield is the calculate number of pages you can print. Page yield is based on 5 % page coverage. This means that the quoted page move over is based upon printed pages where entirely 5 % of the page has been imprinted with ink. For exercise, a short memo has approximately 5 % coverage. If you have a cartridge that has a concede of 500 pages, it can print 500 pages of that short memo. If you are printing letters, photos or graphics, your coverage will vary greatly and your page return will drop significantly. Since everyone ’ south printing habits are different, actual page yield can vary from exploiter to user. LD brand cartridges are filled to the like capacity and will print the lapp number of pages, if not more, than the name post cartridge. You can find the estimated foliate give of your cartridge in the specification table on our magazine pages !

Product Type Toner Cartridge
Printer Brand HP
OEM Number CF226X
Ink Color Black
Cartridge Yield Type High Yield
Page Yield 9000*
Cost Per Page 0.56 cents
Shelf Life 24-36 Months

How hanker will my cartridge last ?
The shelf life sentence of a printer cartridge can vary depending on what classify of cartridge you are using. The average shelf life sentence for a compatible cartridge is 36 months, while the shelf life for a diagnose brand cartridge is merely 24 months. If your printer uses ink cartridges, the ink inside can dry out over time, which can cause your printer to clog. To prevent clog, we recommend printing once every couple of weeks to keep your cartridges primed. ascribable to the fictile nature of toner powder, toner cartridges will not dry out the same way an ink cartridge would, but internal cartridge components can wear with repeated consumption .
Does my LD magazine arrive with a chip to read accurate ink levels ?
Yes, about all LD cartridges are equipped with a fresh chip that will accurately read the ink levels on your printer ’ randomness expose. There are some remanufactured cartridges that may not accurately read in your printer but they are still filled to capability and will print the lapp total of pages as a name mark cartridge. If you know approximately how retentive it takes you go to go through a mention sword magazine you can use that as your baseline to manually track cartridge usage .
How easy is an LD cartridge to install ?
LD cartridges install the accurate same way as the diagnose mark and they are guaranteed to fit and function in the lapp way besides !
Does using an LD cartridge nothingness my printer ‘s guarantee ?

It does not ! The use of compatible or remanufactured printer cartridges will not void your printer ’ sulfur guarantee. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act protects your rights and guarantee as a consumer .
Can compatible cartridges work aboard name brand cartridges ?
Yes, you can use compatible cartridges aboard name brand cartridges – they WILL work together in your printer .

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