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David ’ s Jewelry and Coin Exchange offers appraisals of jewelry and collectible coins. We can appraise one item or your solid collection. Whether you need to precisely identify the type of jewelry and its respect or you need a written jewelry appraisal for indemnity purposes, we have the expertness to get the job done .

Jewelry Identification

sometimes it can be unmanageable to tell the deviation between cheap costume jewelry and jewelry that contains a cherished alloy, rock or rhombus. The same is on-key for coins. Often times, a mint solicitation has a fortune of sentimental respect but they may hold little monetary value. Our feel team can evaluate your jewelry or coins to identify pieces with prize and educate you on their worth .

Appraising Your Jewelry and Coins

After identifying your jewelry or coins to determine what you have, we can then give you an appraisal on their worth. We have over 25 years of experience working with collectible coins, jewelry and precious metals and can easily evaluate your items and give you an cozy appraisal.

Insurance Appraisals


If you need a written appraisal in regulate to insure your jewelry, our dedicate staff can work with you to identify and value your items. After completing the evaluation, we will provide you with a written appraisal that you can then present to your policy company. We can appraise a individual detail or an integral collection. Our print appraisals include the following descriptions for each part of jewelry :

  • Type of metal
  • Stone information – The 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight
  • Side stone information
  • Total weight
  • Appraisal value

For written jewelry appraisals, we charge $ 55 for the first item and $ 35 for each extra item afterwards. Some exceptions may apply and we encourage you to call or visit for more details. For big jewelry collections, we offer a bulk dismiss depending on the size.

once we review your jewelry at our shop, you will be able to take it with you while we work to write up your appraisal. scripted appraisals are then completed in adenine little as 2-3 days .
David ’ mho Jewelry and Coin Exchange is the local jewelry appraiser you can trust. To accurately determine the value of your items, we are unable to appraise any jewelry or coins over the phone. Please stop by and see us, no appointee necessity, and allow us to review and appraise your items.


Do you need a written appraisal to insure your mint solicitation ? David ’ south Jewelry and Coin Exchange can provide Coin Appraisals for $ 100 an hour. Some exceptions may apply. There is no date necessary so we encourage you to bring your coin collection to us at your appliance. We will review the collection and provide the appraisal in a week or less depending on the size of collection .
Our print appraisals include the following for each coin or coin group ( if you have a bunch of the like type of coin ) :

  • Detailed description
  • Coin Quality
  • Coin Value

To accurately determine your collection ’ second worth, we are unable to provide appraisals over the earphone. Call or visit to learn more or to have us provide you an appraisal ! With over 25 years of experience in coins and jewelry, we are the appraisers that you can trust to correctly evaluate your collection .

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