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Collect Both Heroes and Villains in the DC Comics Super Heroes Coin Pusher Arcade Game

DC Comics has a long history of great comic book characters that translate very well into a fictional character collecting coin pusher. The DC Comics Super Heroes Coin Pusher Machine has four separate champion and villain themed stations to play on, with a silver senesce search and blueprint to the characters .
Image of DC Comics Super Heroes Coin Pusher Arcade Game
Close up of Batman play button on the DC comics coin pusher Each station is chock wax of purpose details for fans of DC and/or just the characters themselves. Whether you are longtime comic reader or good a fan of the holocene Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman movies and animize series there is something for you to enjoy in the design. Batman ’ sulfur station is of run partnered with the Joker, and Harley Quinn even finds her means into the cabinet design. Harley is an concern choice for the silver senesce style as she is a more modern character, making her debut in the 90 ’ s Batman “ The Animated Series ”. Which, if you have not seen “ The Animated Series ” and you are fan of Batman, you very should check it out. It has some of the best batman stories ever told and shows an understanding of the character better than most of the movies .

DC’s Best Characters are Available to Collect for Bonus Tickets

Batman isn ’ t the merely bomber featured – Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern and Aquaman all have a collectible card in this game. The four themed play sections prominently feature Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and The Flash, while the other heroes are precisely on the cards. Joining the heroes are the villains – Joker, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn, Cheetah, The Penguin, Captain Cold and Darkseid. Collecting the hero set at this location will get you 3000 bonus tickets and the villain dress will get you 5000 bonus tickets. If you collect both sets, 14 cards sum, you ’ ll get a super ticket bonus. You might find different payouts depending on where you play.
Image of the dc comics villain cards that you need to collect from the coin pusher to win bonus tickets in the arcade

The Gameplay Gives You Less Control Compared to Other Coin Pushers

Unlike the Wizard of Oz, Pirates and Star Trek coin pushers where you control where coins come out on a left and right bloc, the DC Comics Super Heroes coin pusher has a fixed coin dart. They fall in the middle and only the center. That said though, you do have some operate over how many coins dribble per play .
Close up of Superman themed coin play section of the super hero arcade game
When you fire a coin, it doesn ’ triiodothyronine just roll down the ramp and onto the play field but rather moves the boastfully rack located above the play sphere. As you can see in the image above, there are coins set in slots on the left slide of the wheel. When you press the play release one coin will drop down through a set of flippers that constantly move left and right. Depending on how the coin travels through the flippers it ’ ll then pass through the in-between section under Superman and Lex Luthor and whichever token section the coin passes through determines how many coins will roll down the ramp and into the play airfield. You can get 1-6 tokens per fun. The bonus drop at this location drops 6 full tokens at one clock time. If you fall through the 5 slot it ’ ll drop 5, lapp with the 3 slot and 1. The coins then roll down the fix ramp onto the middle of the maneuver field. Because you can not change the ramp to the bequeath or the mighty it makes getting any cards of the edges of the machine much hard to drop .
Image of coin ramp and play area on the DC coin pusher arcade game
After doing a few plays you ’ ll indigence to learn the time for both the coin flippers to maximize how many coins you get per play, and the apparent motion of the coin pusher to make sure the coins you drop get the maximal motion per play. The time is a bit different since you have to allow time for the mint to drop from the rack above and through a coin act slot. It ’ s reasonably similar to Plinko as it drops down, only with no peg to bounce left and right on. The flippers at the top dictate the guidance your mint will fall. To get the bonus coins you ’ ll need to drop it close to straight down, however, by doing that you besides risk it falling through the 1 mint slot rather. Some players will aim more to the edges to try and get more coins per turn without risking a one mint drop.

Close up of dc coin pusher cabinet

Lots of DC Comics Character Cards to Collect for Ticket Bonuses

Cards will slide out from the left and you can get a prowler peek at what card is future if you can well recognize all characters. The rare menu in the hero determine is Aquaman and the rare card for the villain side is Darkseid. The cards themselves have a vintage ash grey senesce comic book design and have the hero and villain ’ s portrait on one side and stats and background of the character on the second. There are besides some group cards with multiple characters that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate count towards the bonus sets, but do give you more tickets per card. alike to the Stuart card in Despicable Me JellyLab .

Images of card ticket payouts on the coin pusher arcade game
Overall the DC Comics Super Heroes Coin Pusher is fun but it has some drawbacks. not being able to move the coin ramp left or right field means cards on the edges take a unharmed batch more to move over the edge. The platform that the coins and cards sit on before dropping down to the win partition is angled up at a frustrating degree. many players have experience moving cards close enough to the edge that they are just about to drop down, only to see the cards slide back down the play field since the lean is fair a bite excessively high. even with these cons, we think this
image of all hero cards that you can collect for the dc comics card pusher

game is a must play for any amusing and particularly DC comics sports fan – just know that the game takes patience to collect the wide jell of cards. This is partially due to barely the total number of cards it takes to collect both the heroes and the villains, but besides because they can be a bit hard to win compared to other coin pushers out there. If you are in an arcade with this game much it might be a adept idea to just try for a few cards at a time and build up sets over a few visits .
Have you played the DC Comics Super Heroes Coin Pusher even ? If so, what did you think of it ? Did any cards slide spinal column on you while playing ? Have you completed the card sets yet and how long did it take you to complete them ? How do you think this compares to other poster pushers you ’ ve played ? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for read !

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