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Dogecoin Co-Founder Slams Cuban for “ Running A Crypto Grift, ” the top American Investor Responds Dogecoin ’ s Jackson Palmer levels fresh allegations against Mark Cuban and top cryptocurrency executives. Jackson Palmer, the co-founder of Dogecoin ( DOGE ), has lambasted Mark Cuban, an american investor and the CEO of the Dallas Mavericks. According to Palmer, Cuban seems like person who has taken Kool-Aid whenever cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) are involved. Palmer made this known in an interview with Business Insider, saying : “ Mark Cuban international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate getting paid as a celebrity to promote this stuff. He has kind of been indoctrinated into believing that these things are the future. ” Palmer accused Cuban equally well as other top cryptocurrency influencers like Chris Dixon and Marc Andreessen of running a grift with the nascent asset class. He noted that these big figures, who have continued to promote cryptocurrencies, believe the assets would allow them to make quick gains and control a large parcel of the market. “ They actively see it as an ongoing direction to extract profit. It ’ s not like they ’ ve been paid once off to promote something, it ’ s that they want to be the ones that are in control or have an ownership or a large interest in this kind of extractive, grifty arrangement of cryptocurrency, ” Palmer claimed. On the contrary, Palmer believes celebrities like Matt Damon and Kim Kardashian, who have promoted cryptocurrencies at one point or the other, got involved with crypto for transactional purposes. “ They promote what they get paid to promote. I don ’ metric ton think the actors have a moral scope when it comes to that, but it ’ s their caper. That ’ s what they do. It ’ s not surprising to me, ” he said. Cuban Denies the Allegation In response to this allegation, Cuban said Palmer ’ second gloss did not come as a surprise because critics have always said the lapp thing about him whenever he gets involved with new engineering. “ Sounds like the same thing that has been said about every new engineering I ’ ve been involved in, ” Cuban said in answer to the allegation. interim, Cuban has been outspoken about cryptocurrency. In an interview earlier this year, Cuban said he is heavily invested in cryptocurrencies, thus indicating how much he believes in the assets ’ electric potential. Palmer ’ s cynical Views About Cryptos Palmer has always spoken against cryptos for years. Despite being involved in the creation of Dogecoin, he claimed not to have made a penny from the meme-based cryptocurrency. He stated that people who have launched different cryptocurrencies do not want to replace a corrupt fiscal system, rather, they want to be in control of an alternative capitalist system.

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