Dutch East India Co. Coin – 1700’s – Southeast Asia

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Origin: These coins of the Dutch East India Co. were struck within the 1700 ‘s. many have corrosion that suggest being discovered underground or even submerged, though all have legible details like the examples shown. They have been acquired from private collections and thoroughly authenticated by the History Hoard team .
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The largest corporation ever was also the world’s first.

“ knock-down ” does n’t even begin to describe the Dutch East India Company ‘s influence in the 1700 ‘s.

think of the largest, most mighty pot you can picture nowadays, and double it .
then double it again .
Double it one more time, and you ‘ll have a general estimate of the size of the Dutch East India Company .
besides known as the “ VOC, ” the party was the world ‘s foremost multinational pot. In reality, it was n’t good a company. It was an conglomerate .
The VOC went beyond precisely controlling trade routes. It kept a standing army of 40 warships and 10,000 troops, created its own fortresses, and had the agency to issue its own money .
It ‘s impossible today, but this was the reality of early megacorporations.

Our VOC coins give you the find to own a nibble of this capture prison term in history, and feel the huge ability once wielded by the world ‘s first pot .
frequently Asked Questions
A painted depiction of an Dutch East India Company warship

About the Dutch East India Company

It ‘s hard to comprehend just how massive the Dutch East India Company ( VOC ) actually was. The megacorporation was not only the sole trade ship’s company in all of southeast Asia, but besides had its own private military to defend its holdings. They minted their own bodied money, and literally created the modern day fiscal system by introducing the estimate of international fiscal centers and stock trade. It existed over a couple of about 200 years, from 1602 to its dissolution in 1799 .
Of course, the ship’s company had a ill-famed dark side. It was known to be pitiless to the native populations of the lands it controlled, frequently warring with them or merely using them as slave department of labor. It exemplified the evils of colonialism, mercilessly conquering and exploiting any state that came under its control .
Despite this, its influence is silent felt in many ways to this day. Cultures changed by being introduced to new spices and other goods, the foundations of modern economic systems were established, and bodied brand and culture were created for the beginning clock time. For better and for worse, the VOC would change about every aspect of the world forever.

different uniforms used by the Dutch East India Company ‘s massive 10,000 man army

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History Hoard relics are guaranteed authentic and have a 100 % money bet on policy. Read more about the History Hoard Promise .

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