How to Fix the Riot Vanguard Error in Valorant

How to Fix the Riot Vanguard Error in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
Updated On : 29 Nov 2022, 08 : 15 AM


The Riot Vanguard error occurs when the game fails kubet
initialize the anti-cheat & usually a quick restart fixes the issue .

If a restart does not fix the issue, consider reinstalling the Riot Client và Valorant .

In some cases you may need to enable TPM 2.0 to prevent the game from crashing .

A lot of players are running into the Riot Vanguard error when trying to launch Valorant. This error occurs when the game fails to initialize the anti-cheat và usually a quick restart fixes the issue. Sometimes the issue can also occur if you vì not have Trusted Platform Module ( TPM ) enabled. Here are all possible fixes for the Riot Vanguard error in Valorant .

Riot Vanguard Error: How to Fix

Here are all the solutions available for fixing the Riot Vanguard error in Valorant .

Solution 1: Restart all Riot processes

You can try closing all Riot Games processes including Riot Vanguard to kiểm tra if the Riot Vanguard error persists .

  1. Right-click on your Taskbar
  2. Click on Task Manager
  3. Find all processes with the Riot Games or Valorant hình ảnh sản phẩm .
  4. Right-click on each of the programs và nhấp chuột on End Task .

Solution 2: Restart Your Computer

Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat process can be shut xuống dốc by Windows, especially if you have less Bộ nhớ đệm on your computer. Restarting your computer should resolve the issue .

  1. Press the Windows key on your bàn phím
  2. Click on the Power nguồn icon
  3. Click on Restart

Solution 3: Reinstall the Riot Client and Valorant

The Riot Client is not available as a standalone tải về & is tied to your game. But you can uninstall it & it will automatically reinstall itself the next thời gian you attempt to launch Valorant .

  1. Search for Riot Client in the Windows tìm kiếm bar
  2. Find Riot Client và nhấp chuột on Uninstall in the contextual thực đơn
  3. Launch Valorant
  4. Riot Client should be reinstalled automatically

Solution 4: Enable TPM 2.0

It is recommended to look up the BIOS settings thực đơn for your motherboard before proceeding with the next steps. You need to navigate the thực đơn on your own & enable TPM 2.0 và Secure Boot .1. Restart your computer2. See the màn hình hiển thị splash to identify the key you must press to enter the firmware ( if applicable ) .Press the required key repeatedly until you enter the thiết lập mode. Here are the most common BIOS thực đơn buttons. If you have a different button you need to look it up in your motherboard’s manual or tìm kiếm for it online .

  • Dell : F2 or F12 .
  • HP : ESC or F10 .
  • Acer : F2 or Delete .
  • ASUS : F2 or Delete .
  • Lenovo : F1 or F2 .
  • MSI : Delete .
  • Toshiba : F2 .
  • Hãng Samsung : F2 .
  • Surface : Press & hold volume up button .

3. Once in your BIOS menu, you need to navigate to the Secure BOOT & TPM 2.0 settings & enable them .Thes e menus are different depending on the manufacturer & Mã Sản Phẩm of your motherboard & you should look up the settings for your motherboard before making any changes. Once you are done enabling TPM 2.0, you should no longer get the Riot Vanguard error in Valorant .Published On : 29 Nov 2022, 08 : 15 AMauthor profile pictureAbhimannu Dastwitter_linkAbhimannu is a PC esports writer at AFK Gaming. With kết thúc seven years of experience in esports journalism, he has worked on a myriad of games & their ecosystems including Valorant, Overwatch & Apex Legends .

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