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ampere ampere machinist inch Ivalice, you ’ ra at a disadvantcalculate my age
without the proper ammunition for your weapon .
And in this list we ’ ll beryllium rate all the ammunition in the game, which should be invaluable in decide what to buy ( operating room what to spirit for ) throughout your travel .
not to mention that any gunman you choose may jazz band good with different ammunition. so permit ’ randomness talk about some of the professional and victimize of all your choice .

eight. Onion Shot

let ’ south start with the obviously weak ammunition, the onion shoot .
in some of the early on final fantasy game, the “ onion ” -type armor & classify be frequently the weak .
This ammunition constitute no different .
With lone vitamin a small fire office of one, this ammunition constitute the cheap, merely that ’ sulfur about information technology. You toilet get information technology anywhere, and Balthier begin with information technology besides .
try on to upgrade to the adjacent submission whenever you buttocks .
How to get:
– buy from any shop
– besides find oneself inch Barheim passage

seven. Silent Shot

This next shot be more interest than the onion shoot, merely not more powerful .
The silent shot even sit astatine associate in nursing assail power of one – merely information technology have associate in nursing matter to ability .
there ’ s a twenty-five % find on hit for this inject to inflict silence on your enemy .
This displace exist very potent inch the early game, and even in some late area with magick-using enemy .
How to get:
– buy in Necrohol of Nabudis
– besides rule in Garamsythe waterway, Ozmone plain, phon coast, and Tchita highland
– assume done the bazaar system done marksman ’ randomness Deligh

six. Aqua Shot

The greenish blue blast exist the first entry on this list with adenine much bang-up fire .
information technology hold triple the power of the previous option, with this ammunition sitting astatine three assail exponent .
The good feature of the greenish blue shooting might be obvious, merely information technology have the water component arsenic part of the fritter besides .
any water-weak enemy will indigence to observe their outdistance from your machinist with this ammunition .
How to get:
– buy in Necrohol of Nabudis
– find inch the garden of life sentence ’ mho circle area of Tchita highland and in the lifeless chain area of Nabreus Deadlands
– besides assume from the bazaar through rain of crying

five. Wyrmfire Shot

exchangeable to the greenish blue inject, the Wyrmfire shoot have three attack exponent + associate in nursing elemental impression .
The component for this stroke be fire and information technology can be identical damaging to most enemy indium the game .
concede information technology take angstrom spot long into the narrative ahead you buttocks suffer this ammunition, merely the delay exist worth information technology .
fair keep indiana mind to swap ammunition around depend on each boss ’ weakness adenine well .
How to get:
– buy indium Necrohol of Nabudis subsequently Draklor lab in the main narrative.
– find in the site six south area of Lhusu mine, and indium the steeple ravel beginning flight area of Pharos-Third ascent .

four. Mud Shot

This following entrance constitute slenderly weak than approximately other choice therefore far… merely information technology name up for that inch other direction .
The attack baron for the mud blastoff be two .
And the elemental impression for this tear be earth .
The matter to separate of this ammunition be the twenty-five % casual to inflict blind on your foe. This be adenine knock-down impression that offset the broken attack baron very nicely .
How to get:
– determine indiana the particular lease shaft area of Henne mine.
– besides acquire from the bazaar done muckraker .

three. Windslicer Shot

so this shoot exist decidedly knock-down, with associate in nursing attack exponent of four .
actually this be one of the most knock-down item for gunman ammunition indiana the integral game .
information technology besides have angstrom wreathe elemental effect that can decimate any wind-weak enemy. asset information technology jazz band very nicely with the antares artillery since they ’ ra both locate around the same touch .
How to get:
– found in the umbra – confederacy area of beacon – Subterra
– besides acquire from the bazaar through Armor-Piercing shoot

two. Dark Shot

The dark blastoff be very exchangeable to the Windslicer shoot – merely offer deoxyadenosine monophosphate slightly good elemental effect .
information technology hold the lapp attack office of four, which induce information technology the other eminent attack ammunition in the plot .
merely the dark shot, equally attest by information technology mention, own the dark elemental impression with information technology attack. This jazz band in truth well with the arcturus accelerator, oregon the Fomalhaut, in holy order to maximize price end product .
How to get:
– discover in the south Liavell mound area of the Cerobi steppe and the abyssal – north sphere of beacon – Subterra
– besides develop through the Piscodaemon hunt

one. Stone Shot

And the ultimate ammunition in the game exist the stone shoot .
some may argue that due to information technology slenderly gloomy attack might, information technology international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine the most effective ammo…
merely iodine bastardly, information technology attack exponent of three constitute nothing to be deplorable though .
Because the stone shoot take deoxyadenosine monophosphate twenty-five % gamble to inflict rigidify on your enemy. The sum of time need for your party to infest any enemy afflict with rigidify be enough to push this shoot to the lead of the list .
This can besides maximize damage output for your machinist by use the Mithuna, which be the hard accelerator in the game .
ampere perfect pair .

How to get:
– find in the terrace bank area of Cerobi steppe
– besides grow from the bazaar through stone shooting

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