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buying gold coins country amber coins minted in 1 troy ounce

many of the coins you will find in this category are minted in the weight of 1 troy ounce ( Oz ), this is the standard unit of weight for cute metallic is equals to 31.1 grams of gold. Buying aureate coins from different countries around the populace gives a across-the-board choice of investment-grade aureate in this comfortable to trade weight. This unit of measurement weight in used by the fiscal markets around the populace. When reading the gold price in graphs, you will see that it is noted in both troy ounce and per kilo.

Buy gold coins from all over the world

In our webshop you can search to buy amber coin from a country of your choice. The coins are clearly displayed per category from A to Z and you can view all available products issued per country. Good to know: in some cases the country of issue differs from the country of production. An example of this can be found in a count of coins produced by the New Zealand Mint which are issued on behalf of the island state of Niue. The Perth Mint besides produces some of its coins on behalf of Tuvalu, a Pacific island express with potent economic ties to Australia.

overview of gold coins per continent

Below is an overview of the most democratic regions presently known for producing gold coins for the ball-shaped cherished metallic barter. Click on the country name to view all available coins .
EUROPE – Andorra, Austria, United Kingdom
NORTH AMERICA – Canada, Mexico, United States
AFRICA – Somalia, South Africa
ASIA – China
OCEANIA – Australia, Pacific Ocean Islands

The world ’ s most popular gold coins

As you can see, there is a set of option when it comes gold coins. however, there are a number of coins that buyers around the world will immediately recognize. These are coins that are considered easy to trade and have been some of the best-selling gold coins for years.
buy gold coins country
For exemplar, many of these coins are offered to you with an beautifully gloomy premium. From Europe these include the austrian Vienna Philharmonic and Britannia from the United Kingdom. Its north american counterparts are the canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, and the american Buffalo. From China, the highly collectible chinese Panda has been doing well for years. And from South Africa we of course know the Krugerrand, which has been minted as a gold investment mint since 1967.

How pure are gold coins ?

Most amber coins are minted in 24-karat aureate. This is the highest gold content and equates to a purity of 99.9% or even 99.99% gold. In some cases, you can besides opt for investment coins that are minted in a 22-karat purity. The Krugerrand is possibly the best-known case of this. On every official amber coin you will see its purity listed as 999 or 999.9 or evening 999.99.

Face respect vs. intrinsic value

Are you wondering about the rate of your gold coins ? Almost all gold coins represent a nominative prize in the currency of the country of issue. However, you will soon discover that this nominal value is often far under the current gold price. Consider, for example, the aureate 1 troy snow leopard Maple Leaf. This coin is minted with a front value of CA $ 50 at a time when the gold price is easily over thirty times higher. For this reason, you would never consider using your gold coins as legal tender in the country of issue, but as a medium of exchange around the worldly concern. consequently, when you selling your gold coins in the future, you will not exchange it for its nominal value, rather you will receive an sum in that is based on the value of the current amber price.

These are the different weights of amber coins

Besides the democratic 1 troy snow leopard ( Oz ) coins, aureate coins are besides minted in smaller weights and heavier coins. This creates a wide choice of gold coins that are suitable for aureate buyers who are looking for an alternative to aureate bars. The come overview shows how many grams of gold each standard gold coin weight contains :
1/25 Oz gold coin – 1.24 grams of gold
1/20 Oz gold coin – 1.55 grams of gold
1/10 Oz gold coin – 3.11 grams of aureate
1/4 Oz gold coin – 7.77 grams of gold
1/2 Oz gold coin – 15.55 grams of aureate
1 Oz gold coin – 31.1 grams of gold
2 Oz gold coin – 62.2 grams of aureate

Buy gold coins or gold bars?

Of run, you may distillery have some doubts about whether buying a aureate mint is the best option for you. For those who are not yet familiar with the world of precious metals, this can be a little daunting. To help you on your way, we ’ ve covered the ins and outs of this subject in the follwing article : gold coins or gold bars – what to buy ?

Buy gold coins per nation on-line

We offer you a wide range of gold coins, sorted by country of beginning. These coins are minted as investment coins or as collectible items, so there is plenty of option and a gold coin to suit every budget. Discover the different coins and series from all over the world. You can view all the gold coins from our categorization on our web site and choose the merchandise that completely fits your needs, or visit our store in person .
For more information about buying gold coins and our services, take a look at our FAQ .

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