Anubias Barteri Round Golden Coin (GLA Potted Plant)

Common Name: Anubias Barteri Round Golden Coin (GLA Potted Plant)

Anubias Barteri Round Golden Coin is identified by the syndicate Araceae. It is an undemanding, easy plant and much one of the best befit plants for novice aquascapes. Like other epiphytes, Anubias can be secured to your hardscape or planted in your land substrate with it ‘s rhizome exposed ; its rhizome will grow compact roots, and will lento develop modern leaves. You can always plant the roots, but you can not plant the rhizome because it will decay and cause the establish to die. This establish ‘s food reservation is stored in the rhizome. It can be grown either submersed or emersed in both demanding and low maintenace planted aquariums with a variety of aquarium animation. The Anubias genus displays respective shades of brilliant park leaves that are by and large waxy in appearance, thickly and hardy. The blue color of Anubias contrasts nicely with other aquascape plants. It looks particularly cover girl against plants with a indulgent texture, like mosses and delicate bow plants. Its slurred leaves are robust and can last several years. If older leaves perish, new leaves can sprout from the rhizome. When any leaves turn yellow, you can trim them to make room for newfangled growth. It is best to plan your aquascape with the anubias placed in a shadow area or under low light to prevent the emergence of alga. Anubias mature identical slowly, and is consequently quite sensitive to algae. It is a highly insubordinate establish ; undemanding of light, CO2 or advanced alimentary additions, accepting of a wide range of water parameters. It requires entirely necessity maintenance, and can flourish in your aquarium in low-intensity light and good water circulation. Under acute alight and with CO2 accession, it grows faster and forms larger leaves, but is more prone to algae. generation of this plant in the aquarium is done by dividing the rhizome and replant. If the plant is healthy, it should create side shoots from its rhizome that you can separate and then implant in your tank. The rhizome can be tied down or allowed to float about. It will finally root and grow into a moment plant.

  • Family Name: Araceae
  • Type: Epiphyte
  • pH: 6.5-7.5
  • Care: Easy, low maintenance
  • Light: Low to medium
  • CO2: not required or +/-30ppm will promote faster growth
  • Propagation: rhizome division
  • Growth rate: slow, faster under higher lighting (may cause algae)
  • Growth state: emersed or submerged

How to Plant, Grow and Care for Anubias Barteri Round Golden Coin in your Planted Aquarium

  • Anubias rhizomes can be attached to rock, driftwood or hardscape. Secure with strong thread until it roots securely. It can also be planted in soil substrate with the rhizome exposed (do not bury rhizome or it will decay).
  • Abubias may be placed either submersed or emersed in a variety of aquarium conditions: low to medium lighting, CO2 and fertilizer not required but will promote faster and larger growth.
  • Anubias grow very slow, and to avoid algae growth, it’s best to plant in lower lighting or shadier area of aquascape with good water circulation. Phosphate supplementation aids in algae control.
  • Propogation is achieved by cutting the rhizome and replanting, floating or securing the rhizome until new roots and leaves develop.
  • Always research first and make cautious modifications to your aquarium to avoid unstable tank conditions that can cause plant melting and decay.
  • CO2 injection is highly recommended for your aquascape. CO2 is recommended around +/-30ppm.
  • A well researched aquarium fertilizing routine is recommended for your plant(s) to grow healthy, vibrant in color, and be nutrient deficiency and algae free.
  • Your aquarium plants will grow best in adequate lighting, medium to high lighting is recommended.
  • Even the easiest aquarium plants require adequate and regular maintenance and care to keep your aquarium ecosystem healthy.
  • Trim your plants appropriately with sharp scissors to prune and/or propagate and to maintain your desired aquascape.
  • Keep your aquarium pH and general hardness (GH) stable and targeted to your aquascape plan. Aquarium pH of 6-8 is recommended for your plants.
  • Use nutrient rich soil substrate in your aquarium to give your plants the best start.

Why Shop GLA Greenhouse – Aquatic Plant Nursery

  • We take pride in our aquarium plants and we only ship immaculate, happy and healthy plants.
  • We are excited to offer you the finest quality plants, an expert crafted selection of unique, beautiful, and rare species to ensure your aquascape is a masterpiece.
  • GLA potted plants will give you a healthy start to your planted aquarium; of course you will need to research the appropriate tank conditions, lighting, substrate, CO2 and nutrients etc. for your aquascape to ensure your plants grow and thrive, but that’s all part of the enjoyment of the hobby.

GLA’s Arrive Alive (DOA) Guarantee for your Aquarium Plants

Select UPS 2 Day or UPS Next Day Air embark for DOA coverage. DOA guarantee does not cover plants or tissue cultures shipped with Standard, Ground, Priority, First Class, Parcel or Free shipping methods.

  • We have an exceptional practiced and proven plant packaging system and therefore our customers experience minimal to no DOA plants. We guarantee our plants will arrive alive to your door, and if they don’t, we will absolutely make it right.
  • DOA plant claims can be reported to GLA at our email [email protected] on the day of order delivery. DOA claims must be accompanied by photos as evidence.

You can select USPS Priority Mail ship, however, we do not offer DOA coverage or free ice/heat packs for plants shipped with USPS. If plants arrive dead we can not offer refunds, replacements or credit for the loss .

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