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Themed answers are each common phrases with something from SPACE INVADING, inserted to create a unlike phrase :

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1 Seat on the sidewalk : BENCH

back in Ireland, the “ paving ” is what we call the “ sidewalk, pathway ” ( because the pathway is “ paved ”, often with “ paving ” stones ! ). It ’ s very confusing when you arrive in this country from Ireland, and a little dangerous when one has been taught from a young age to “ walk on the paving ” …

6 Guatemalan girl : CHICA

In spanish, a “ niña ” is a young girl, a child. The term “ chica ” applies to an older girl or possibly a young woman. The term “ muchacha ” applies to girls in general, I think …
Guatemala in Central America became independent from Spain in 1821, first gear becoming share of the Mexican Empire, and then becoming completely independent two years late.

14 Airport city east of Los Angeles : ONTARIO

The California city of Ontario is located 35 miles east of business district Los Angeles, in San Bernardino County. Some of the land on which the city sits was once owned by brothers George and William Chaffey. They named the colonization that they developed “ Ontario ” after the canadian province in which they were born .

16 Lil Nas X song subtitled “Call Me by Your Name” : MONTERO

“ Lil Nas X ” is the stage appoint of knocker Montero Lamar Hill. He was born and raised precisely outside of Atlanta. His first gear reach was “ Old Town Road ”, which is classified as state rap .

17 Film festival hype? : SUNDANCE FEVER (“dance fever” + “sun”)

The Sundance Film Festival is the largest mugwump film consequence in the nation, and takes place every year around the Sundance Resort near Provo, Utah. The festival has its roots in the Utah/US Film Festival which started in Salt Lake City in 1978. management of the festival was taken over by Robert Redford ’ s Sundance Institute in 1985. The festival has become a spot of a media feeding craze in late years, as a set of A-list celebrities attend. The Festival organizers introduced a “ Focus on Film ” campaign in 2007 in an attack to offset some of the rabies .

19 Small songbirds : LARKS

Larks are small songbirds that are found all over the world, although only the horned pipit species is found here in North America. Despite their size, larks are sometimes considered crippled birds, and can be served up as food. It ’ s not uncommon to find a serve contain frolic kernel in southern Europe .

20 Excel function : SORT

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program included in the Microsoft Office cortege of applications. Microsoft ’ s first spreadsheet broadcast was introduced back in 1982 and called Multiplan. Multiplan ’ s popularity waned due to the success of the competing merchandise Lotus 1-2-3. Microsoft then introduced Excel, initially precisely for the Macintosh. When Excel was extended to Windows, Lotus was slow to respond and Microsoft took over the market .

21 Himalayan ox : YAK

The English give voice “ yak ” is an anglicise interpretation of the Tibetan name for the male of the species. Yak milk is much prized in Tibetan culture. It is made into cheese and butter, and the butter is used to make a tea that is consumed in great book by Tibetans. The butter is besides used as a fuel in lamps, and during festivals the butter is even sculpted into religious icons .

23 NYC airport on Flushing Bay : LGA

Fiorello La Guardia was the Mayor of New York from 1934 to 1945, racking up three full terms in agency. The celebrated airport that bears La Guardia ’ s name was built at his cheer, stemming from an incident that took place while he was in office. He was taking a TWA trajectory to “ New York ” and was outraged when the plane landed at Newark Airport, in the country of New Jersey. The Mayor demanded that the flight take off again and land at a humble airport in Brooklyn. A gaggle of press reporters joined him on the abruptly hop and he gave them a story, urging New Yorkers to support the construction of a new commercial airport within the city ’ s limits. The modern airport, in Queens, opened in 1939 as New York Municipal, much called “ LaGuardia ” as a dub. The airport was officially relabeled as “ LaGuardia ” ( LGA ) in 1947 .
Flushing Bay is a tidal embankment in New York City that takes its appoint from the town of Flushing. Flushing was settled in 1645 by the Dutch and was named for the larboard of Vlissingen in the southwest Netherlands. “ Flushing ” is the english name for the Dutch port .

24 Frozen Four game : SEMI

The semi-finals and finals of the NCAA Men ’ s Ice Hockey Championship tournaments are jointly referred to as the “ Frozen Four ”. This terminus is a dally on “ Final Four ”, which is the name given to the final cycle of the NCAA Men ’ s Division I Basketball Championship tournament .

25 Dip in the Mediterranean? : AIOLI

To the purist, specially in Provence in the South of France, aioli is prepared just by grinding garlic with olive oil. however, other ingredients are often added to the mix, particularly testis yolks .

27 Bucket list item for an aspiring astronaut? : COLLECT STARDUST (“collect dust” + “star”)

A bucket list is a number of things one wants to achieve before dying, before “ kicking the bucket ”. The saying hasn ’ thyroxine been used in this context for very long, alone a ten or sol, but was popularized by the 2007 film “ The Bucket List ” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman .

31 Cookbook writer Garten : INA

Ina Garten is an author american samoa well as the host of a cook show on the Food Network called “ Barefoot Contessa ”. She is a mentee of Martha Stewart, and indeed was touted as a likely “ successor ” to the television celebrity when Stewart was incarcerated in 2004 after an insider deal scandal. Garten has no formal trail as a chef, and indeed used to work as a nuclear policy analyst at the White House !

32 Traditional March 14 dessert : PIE

The beginning three digits of the mathematical constant principal investigator are 3.14. Pi Day has been celebrated on March 14th ( 3/14 ) every year since 1988, when it was inaugurated at the San Francisco Exploratorium. In countries where the day is normally written before the month, Pi Day is July 22nd, reflecting the more accurate estimate of pi as 22/7. interestingly, March 14th is besides Albert Einstein ’ s birthday .

33 Nagging newlywed? : HONEYMOON BADGER (“honey badger” + “moon”)

The concept of a honeymoon vacation alone started in the early 1800s. In Britain, affluent couples would take a “ bridal enlistment ” together after the marry, visiting those friends and relatives who could not attend the ceremony. The etymology of “ honeymoon ” international relations and security network ’ t very clear, and may even have a negative deriving as it might suggest that the pleasantness ( beloved ) of beloved is doomed to wane like a casual phase of the moonlight. The equivalent terms in other languages are “ moon of honey ” ( french ), “ beloved month ” ( Welsh ) and “ tinsel week ” ( german ) .
To badger is to harass. The verb “ to badger ” comes from the barbarous rehearse of badger-baiting, which dates back to medieval times. Badger-baiting is a blood sport in which a chase is used as bait for a badger in its lair, to draw it out into the open. The den is an artificial structure built to resemble a natural badgers ’ den, complete with a burrow entrance. The dog is sent down the burrow causing the tease and dog to lock their jaws on each other. The badger and chase are then removed from the lair by pulling on the chase ’ sulfur tail. atrocious …
The honey badger is found in most of Africa, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as other parts of the universe. It is besides called a “ ratel ”, which is the Afrikaans bible for the little beastie .

42 Menzel who won a Tony for playing Elphaba in “Wicked” : IDINA

Actress and singer Idina Menzel came to populace attention when she was a member of the original Broadway cast of “ Rent ”. She is known on the humble riddle for playing Shelby Corcoran on the melodious television receiver show “ Glee ”. On the big screen, her most celebrated performance was as the voice actor behind Queen Elsa in the Disney hit “ Frozen ”. It is Menzel who sings the Oscar-winning song “ Let It Go ” in “ Frozen ” .
“ Wicked ” ( more wholly, “ Wicked : The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz ” ) is a 2003 stage musical that is a fictionalize of the L. Frank Baum novel “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ”. The melodious is based on a 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire ” called “ Wicked : The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West ” .

43 Iowa State city : AMES

Iowa State University of Science and Technology ( ISU ) is located in Ames, Iowa. Among many other noteworthy milestones, ISU created the area ’ s first school of veterinarian medicine, in 1879. The sports teams of ISU are known as the Cyclones .

44 Good Grips brand : OXO

The OXO line of kitchen utensils and housewares is designed to be ergonomically superscript to the modal family tools. The intend user of OXO products is person who doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have the normal range of motion or strength in the hands e.g. person suffering from arthritis .

45 Sausalito summer hrs. : PDT

Pacific Daylight Time ( PDT )
The California city of Sausalito is located precisely on the northerly side of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. The city ’ randomness mention comes from the spanish term “ sauzalito ” mean “ little willow grove ”. During WWII, Sausalito was known as a shipbuilding center. today, it is more closely associated with artists, and the affluent .

46 Bygone Russian royal : TSAR

The terminus “ czar ” ( besides “ czar ” ) is a Slavic bible that was first used as a title by Simeon I of Bulgaria in 913 AD. “ Czar ” is derived from the bible “ caesar ”, which was synonymous with “ emperor ” at that fourth dimension. We tend to use the “ czar ” spell, as opposed to “ czar ”, when we describe a person today with great power or authority, e.g. “ Drug Czar ” .

47 H.S. class with a unit on heredity : AP BIO

The Advanced Placement ( AP ) program offers college-level courses to kids who are even in high school ( HS ). After being tested at the end of an AP course, successful students receive credits that count towards a college degree .

49 Classic arcade game with pixelated aliens, and what three answers in this puzzle have : SPACE INVADERS

space Invaders is one of my front-runner video games. It is truly a authoritative from the good old days ( not that I play television games anymore ). When Space Invaders was first base released in video arcades in Japan in 1978, it was so democratic that it caused a deficit of 100-yen coins .

54 Citation software : ENDNOTE

EndNote is a software application designed to manage bibliographies and references when composing reports, articles and essays .

56 National park in Utah : ARCHES

The gorgeous Arches National Park is located in eastern Utah, barely outside of Moab. The main focus of the park is the conservation of over 2,000 natural sandstone arches. The arches are relatively fragile, and 43 have collapsed since 1970, chiefly ascribable to erosion caused by wreathe and rain .

57 Fiddle (with) : TINKER

To tinker with something is to adjust or experiment with it. Back in the former 1500 ’ sulfur, “ to tinker ” was “ to work as a tinker ”. In those days, a putter was person who mended pots and pans .

58 Outwitted a Predator? : DEKED

A deke, besides known as a dangle, is a proficiency used to get past an opponent in ice field hockey. “ Deke ” is a colloquial shorten of the give voice “ bait ” .
The Nashville Predators played their beginning NHL games in the 1998-99 temper, joining the league as an expansion team. They play their dwelling games in the Bridgestone Arena in business district Nashville.


1 Dude : BRO

Our term “ dandy ” arose as gull in New York City in the 1880s, when it was used to describe a fastidious man. In the early 1900s, the condition was extended to mean “ city slickers ”, easterners who vacationed in the West. The first use of the term “ fellow ranch ” was recorded in 1921 .

2 When dinosaurs roamed the earth : EONS AGO

geological clock is divided into a numeral of units of varying lengths. These are, starting from the largest :

  • supereon
  • eon (also “aeon”)
  • era
  • period
  • epoch
  • age

3 __ gas : NATURAL

Natural gasoline that is piped into our homes is naturally odorless. A bantam total of odorant is added to assist in the detection of leaks. A common additive is tert-Butylthiol, which is said to impart the smell of icky eggs .

4 Jack-in-the-box appendage : CRANK

A Jack-in-the-box is a child ’ south plaything. It ’ s a box with a crank treat at the english. Turning the crank causes a tune to play ( normally “ Pop Goes the Weasel ” ), and at the correctly moment the eyelid pops afford and a spring loaded clown quality jumps up out of the box .

6 David who won the 1994 AL Cy Young Award : CONE

David Cone is a retire Major League Baseball pitcher who played from 1986 to 2003. He pitched a perfect game in 1999, the one-sixteenth in the history of baseball .

7 “House Hunters” channel : HGTV

“ House Hunters ” is an HGTV appearance that follows individuals who are searching for a modern home with the help of a real estate agent. purportedly, three houses are presented to the likely buyer, and the buyer chooses one of the three. however, world is that the buyer is already in escrow with the favored family before filming starts. The other two houses presented are those that were considered and already rejected. There are respective spin-offs to the read, including “ Tiny House Hunters ” in which participants are looking to downsize to a house smaller than 600 square feet .

9 Pens in : CORRALS

“ Corral ” is spanish news that we ’ ve imported into English describing an enclosure for livestock. ultimately, the term comes from the Vulgar Latin “ currale ” meaning “ enclosure for carts ”, itself coming from “ currus ”, the Latin for “ cart ” .

12 Part of una semana : DIA

In spanish, the “ número de días en una semana ” ( number of days in a week ) is “ siete ” ( siete ) .

18 Dot-__ : COMS

A dot-com is a company that chiefly makes it money by providing products and services using its on-line presence .

19 Business ltrs. : LLC

A restrict liability company ( LLC ) has a structure that limits the liability of the owner or owners. It is a hybrid structure in the sense that it can be taxed deoxyadenosine monophosphate would an individual or partnership, while besides maintaining the indebtedness protection afforded to a corporation .

22 Baby fox : KIT

Kits are the young of respective mammal species, including the ferret and fox. “ Kit ” is probably a sawed-off imprint of “ kitten ” .

24 Phony deal : SCAM

Something or person described as bogus ( sometimes “ hypocrite ” ) is not actual or real. There is a suggestion that the term “ bogus ” comes from “ fawney ”, which was a goldplate administration ring used by swindlers in place of a one made of pure gold .

25 Diva’s time to shine : ARIA

The terminus “ prima donna ” comes to us from Latin via Italian. “ Diva ” is the womanly shape of “ divus ” mean “ providential one ”. The password is used in Italy to mean “ goddess ” or “ fine lady ”, and particularly is applied to the prima donna in an opera. We frequently use the term to describe a singer with a big ego .

26 Carded : ID’ED

Identity document ( ID )

28 Home security? : LIEN

A lien is a right that one has to retain or secure person ’ s property until a debt is paid. When an individual takes out a car loanword, for case, the lend bank is normally a lien holder. The bank releases the spleen on the car when the lend is paid in full .

29 New Age singer from County Donegal : ENYA

Enya ’ s real name is Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, which can translate from Irish into Enya Brennan. Her Donegal family ( in the northwest of Ireland ) formed a set called Clannad, which included Enya. In 1980 Enya launched her very successful alone career, finally becoming Ireland ’ s best-selling alone musician. And, she sure does turn up a set in crosswords !
“ Donegal ” is the name of the most northerly county in Ireland, and is besides the mention of the town that gave the county its list. It is the anglicise form of the Irish “ Dún na nGall ” meaning “ fortify of the foreigners ”. County Donegal is a actually beautiful region of the area …

30 Silver Alerts, e.g. : APBS

An All Points Bulletin ( APB ) is a broadcast from one US law enforcement agency to another .
A Silver Alert broadcasts information about a miss senior, specially person suffering with some form of dementia. The system was introduced in 2005 in Oklahoma, and has spread across the nation since then. When inaugurate, it was described as an “ AMBER Alert for seniors ” .

36 Grove of palm trees, maybe : OASIS

An isolate area of vegetation in a abandon is called an haven ( plural “ oases ” ). As water is needed for establish growth, an oasis might besides include a bounce, pond or small lake. We frequently use the term “ oasis ” more broadly to describe a haven, a place of respite .

37 Muscat’s country : OMAN

Muscat is the capital of Oman. The city lies on the northeast coast of the state on the Gulf of Oman, a ramify of the Persian Gulf .

38 Chutzpah : NERVE

Our word “ chutzpa ” mean “ heart, resentment, impudence ” is derived from the yiddish “ khutspe ”, which has the same mean .

41 Kanga’s kid : ROO

Kanga is a supporter of A. A. Milne ’ s “ Winnie-the-Pooh ”, and is a kangaroo. She is the mother of Roo, who appears more frequently in the storyline .

46 Hamilton bills : TENS

The obverse of the US ten-dollar circular features the trope of Alexander Hamilton, the first US Secretary of the Treasury. As such, ten-dollar bills are sometimes called “ Hamiltons ”. By the direction, the $ 10 circular is the only US currency in circulation in which the portrait faces to the left. The change by reversal of the ten-dollar beak features the US Treasury Building .

48 Tubular pasta : PENNE

The pasta known as penne comes in two main types, i.e. penne lisce ( which is smooth ) and penne rigate ( which is furrowed ) .

50 Tennis great profiled in ESPN’s “30 for 30” special “Arthur and Johnnie” : ASHE

“ 30 for 30 ” is a series of ESPN documentary films that has aired since 2009. The series originated as a celebration of ESPN ’ s thirtieth birthday. To recognize that anniversary, the net commissioned 30 filmmakers to make 30 one-hour films covering the big stories in ESPN ’ s 30-year history. The series was indeed well received that ESPN continues to make alike documentaries using the “ 30 for 30 ” umbrella title .

51 Like Sarah Lawrence since 1968 : CO-ED

Sarah Lawrence College is a private school in Yonkers, New York that was established in 1926 by real-estate mogul William Van Duzer Lawrence. He named the mental hospital in award of his wife Sarah, who died that like year. The school was originally intended to provide an department of education in the arts and humanities for women students, although back then the course of study included mold, shorthand, typing and applying makeup. Things have changed a little since then …

55 Triage ctrs. : ERS

triage is the process of prioritizing patients for treatment, particularly on the battlefield. The condition “ triage ” is french and means “ sorting ” .
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Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 seat on the sidewalk : BENCH
6 Guatemalan girlfriend : CHICA
11 Guffawed : ROARED
13 Enters a password : logarithm ON
14 Airport city east of Los Angeles : ONTARIO
16 Lil Nas X song subtitled “ Call Me by Your diagnose ” : MONTERO
17 Film festival ballyhoo ? : SUNDANCE FEVER ( “ dance fever ” + “ sunday ” )
19 minor songbirds : LARKS
20 Excel function : SORT
21 Himalayan ox : YAK
23 NYC airport on Flushing Bay : LGA
24 Frozen Four game : SEMI
25 Dip in the Mediterranean ? : AIOLI
27 Bucket list detail for an aspiring astronaut ? : COLLECT STARDUST ( “ collect debris ” + “ ace ” )
31 Cookbook writer Garten : INA
32 Traditional March 14 dessert : PIE
33 nag newlywed ? : HONEYMOON BADGER ( “ beloved badger ” + “ moon ” )
42 Menzel who won a Tony for playing Elphaba in “ Wicked ” : IDINA
43 Iowa State city : AMES
44 beneficial Grips post : OXO
45 Sausalito summer hour. : PDT
46 Bygone russian royal : TSAR
47 H.S. course with a unit of measurement on heredity : AP BIO
49 Classic arcade game with pixelated aliens, and what three answers in this puzzle have : SPACE INVADERS
53 french houses : MAISONS
54 citation software : ENDNOTE
56 National ballpark in Utah : ARCHES
57 Fiddle ( with ) : TINKER
58 Outwitted a marauder ? : DEKED
59 Requirements : NEEDS


1 fellow : BRO
2 When dinosaurs roamed the ground : EONS AGO
3 __ boast : NATURAL
4 jack-in-the-box process : CRANK
5 Collections of cattle : HERDS
6 David who won the 1994 AL Cy Young Award : CONE
7 “ House Hunters ” transmit : HGTV
8 “ That ’ s a awful hiding blemish ” : I SEE YOU
9 Pens in : CORRALS
10 “ Should I take that as __ ? ” : A NO
12 Part of una semana : DIA
13 Studio site, possibly : LOFT
15 begin : ONSET
16 eruditeness basis : MERIT
18 Dot-__ : COMS
19 Business ltrs. : LLC
22 Baby fox : KIT
24 bogus cope : SCAM
25 Diva ’ s time to shine : ARIA
26 Carded : ID ’ ED
28 Home security system ? : LIEN
29 New Age singer from County Donegal : ENYA
30 Silver Alerts, e.g. : APBS
33 Toddler ’ s perch, at times : HIP
34 “ If I had to bet … ” : ODDS ARE …
35 Sweat the little thrust : NITPICK
36 Grove of palm trees, possibly : OASIS
37 Muscat ’ s country : OMAN
38 chutzpa : NERVE
39 Lose it completely ? : GO BROKE
40 Lived and breathed : EXISTED
41 Kanga ’ s child : ROO
46 Hamilton bills : TENS
47 Use as an ingredient : ADD IN
48 Tubular pasta : PENNE
50 Tennis capital profiled in ESPN ’ s “ 30 for 30 ” special “ Arthur and Johnnie ” : ASHE
51 Like Sarah Lawrence since 1968 : co-ed
52 Social worm : ANT
53 angered : MAD
55 Triage ctrs. : ERS Leave a comment ( below ), or …
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