Bleutrade Review 2022: Is It Reliable & Secure Exchange?


Bleutrade is an on-line cryptocurrency exchange where investors can trade cryptocurrencies. This blockchain-powered company has been operating since 2014, and Bleutrade only offers a crypto-to-crypto substitute .

Bleutrade Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Brazil
Found in 2014
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency 15+
Trading Pairs 20+
Supported Fiat Currencies No
Supported Countries 190+
Minimum Deposit N/A
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees For Limit Orders:
Maker 0.25% / Taker 0.25%
AMI Orders:
Maker 0.0% / Taker 0.25%
Withdrawal Fees Fees are charged according to the base currency of the market
Application No
Customer Support Mail, FAQs & Submit Query Form Support

Sign Up now Users can fund their trading accounts with unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and then trade wind to buy different altcoins as per our Bleutrade reappraisal and research. The huge variety of cryptocurrencies and low trade fees make it very utilitarian to trade on the Bleutrade commute platform.

The ship’s company was primitively based in Brazil, but it had later moved its headquarters to Portugal. The Bleutrade cryptocurrency exchange has been able to establish its name in the universe of cryptocurrency trade in the end eight years of its operation.

Quick Overview of Bleutrade

  • Crypto to crypto exchanges.
  • Founded in 2014 in Brazil.
  • A large number of altcoins are available for trade.
  • May 2020: shifts headquarters to Portugal.
  • Not regulated by international financial authorities.

What Is Bleutrade?

Bleutrade is an on-line cryptocurrency exchange platform. The Bleutrade Exchange has been able to develop plug and reliable deal mechanisms since its origin. automated trading is besides available .
Users can trade different cryptocurrency pairs. Fiat to cryptocurrency trade is not available. Deposits and withdrawals are only in the form of cryptocurrencies .
Bleutrade Review 2022 - Platform Interface Bleutrade Review 2022- Platform Interface
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Features of Bleutrade

Crypto to Crypto Trading

Bleutrade only allows trading between different cryptocurrency pairs. Fiat to crypto service is not available .

Low Trading Fees

Bleutrade rally charges identical low trading fees, around 0.2 % to 0.5 %. These rates are very competitive compared to diligence standards of early cryptocurrency exchanges .

Huge Variety of Cryptocurrencies

A major advantage of the Bleutrade exchange over other similar platforms is that Bleutrade has a large kind of subscribe cryptocurrencies. More than 15 different altcoins can be traded in unlike currentness pairs.

Services Offered by Bleutrade

Experience and Reliability

Bleutrade cryptocurrency central has been in operation for more than eight years in the world of digital currentness and has won the trust of traders due to its constantly updating technology and services .

Automatic Trades

Bleutrade ’ s AMI military service lets users complete automatic trades without any extra charges. This is very useful for busy traders who may not always have fourth dimension to place their orders manually .

Instant Trade

Users no long have to pay exorbitant mine fees. They can complete instant trades through Bleutrade ’ s different partner exchanges and have their purchased cryptocurrencies deposited in their Bleutrade wallet in just 2 seconds .

Market Maker Discounts

market makers or the traders who trade huge volumes of currencies through the Bleutrade exchange get limited discounts on trade fees to incentivize large trades .

Affiliate Marketing

Bleutrade has a identical lucrative affiliate program. Customers who bring in newly users get 20 % of the trade fee from all transactions made by their newfangled consort user .

Gem Coins

Traders can find new and singular jewel coins on the Bleutrade central. The exchange is one of the leaders in the diligence, showing what new altcoins may become popular in the come months .
Bleutrade Review - Services Offered by Bleutrade Bleutrade Review – Services Offered by Bleutrade
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Bleutrade Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Huge choice of cryptocurrencies to pair up and trade. It is unregulated- not under the direct supervision of any international financial regulatory body.
Low trading fees, especially for large trade volumes. It does not accept any fiat deposits.
Automatic trade through AMI is also available. A mobile app is not available for the Bleutrade exchange.

Bleutrade Review - Join Bleutrade Affiliate Program & Earn More Bleutrade Review – Join Bleutrade Affiliate Program & Earn More
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Steps for Getting Started with Bleutrade

  • Users have to first sign up for a trading account on Bluetrade.
  • Once this is done, users have to fund their new trading account. This can be done with the help of deposits of many different types of cryptocurrencies.
  • Bleutrade does not accept fiat money deposits.
  • Users can then access the Bleutrade online cryptocurrency exchange platform. They can see various price charts for buying and selling different coins.
  • They will also be able to see their own order history.
  • Users will then have to choose what currency pair they want to trade. Finally, they have to decide the amount they want to buy or sell and confirm the order.

Bleutrade Account Types

Bleutrade has three different account types. There is a starter account, an average, and a pro account. Different report types require different degrees of identity authentication and confirmation .
The more complex the system of confirmation, the higher will be the daily available craft limit. No KYC verification is required for appetizer or average accounts. The type of report determines the casual trade limits for transitions. The trade fee may besides vary slightly across the accounts, with deal fees going down angstrom trading volumes increase.

Steps to Get Register an Account with Bleutrade

  • To sign up for a Bleutrade account, users will have to enter their email id and create a username and password for their account.
  • A confirmation email and an email id verification process have to be completed to make withdrawals from the Bleutrade wallet.
  • Users can also submit their phone number and email address to access an intermediate account and a higher trade limit.
  • If traders want to access even higher trade limits, they will also have to submit their ID proof for verification and open a pro account on Bleutrade.
  • Once an account has been created, Bleutrade traders should enable two-factor verification for additional security and protection from loss of digital assets.

Bleutrade Review - Registration Process Bleutrade Review – Registration Process
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Bleutrade Trading Platform

Bleutrade uses an on-line web-based cryptocurrency change chopine. The central displays candlestick charts and a price legal profession. There is besides an option to view the Order Book with the Order History and Trade History .
Bleutrade Review - Bleutrade Exchange Interface Bleutrade Review – Bleutrade Exchange Interface
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Bleutrade Fees

The Bleutrade cryptocurrency change is known for its gloomy fees. No fee is charged on deposits and withdrawals. The withdrawal tip varies across different cryptocurrencies .
For trade and transactions, a fee between 0.0 % and 0.5 % is charged. But at introduce, the taker and maker fee for limit orders is 0.25 %. The taker and godhead fee for AMI orders is besides 0.25 % at introduce. The daily trade limits vary across different score types. The starter accounts created with only electronic mail confirmation have a 0 BTC limit .
intermediate accounts with electronic mail verification and phone number have a daily trade terminus ad quem of 20 BTC.Pro accounts are for individuals with identical high trade volumes and for corporations and companies. There are no trading limits for these accounts. furthermore, you can check the broad details of Bleutrade fees on its official site.

Bleutrade Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

  • Deposits are completely free of cost on Bleutrade, but only cryptocurrency deposits are accepted.
  • Users cannot deposit fiat currencies into their Bleutrade wallets.
  • To place an order, users may require their deposit address. For this, they will have to log in to Bleutrade. Then they have to go to their My Wallet option. Here they will see the list of coins. They have to press the generate address option beside each coin to generate the deposit address for that specific cryptocurrency. This deposit address can then be used to complete a trade.
  • Users can withdraw available digital asset balances in their accounts.
  • They will have to log in to Bleutrade. They will then have to go to the My Wallet option.
  • Here they have to click on Actions and then press Withdraw. They will be allowed to choose the amount they want to withdraw and the wallet to which they want to withdraw it.
  • Bleutrade charges a small withdrawal fee. This fee is different for different cryptocurrencies. But there is no withdrawal limit.

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Bleutrade Commissions and Spreads

Bleutrade users do not incur any spreads on their transactions and orders. But they have to pay some minimal fees. Bleutrade ’ sulfur committee on each craft is very broken, and they maintain a policy of complete transparency with gaze to everything, including their trading fees. There is no down payment fee, and their commission on each trade varies between 0.0 % to 0.5 %. At confront, they are charging around 0.25 % as deal fees. There is besides a little secession fee on different cryptos. Bleutrade besides does not offer any particular bonuses, promotional projects, or offers.

Bleutrade Accepted Payment Method

  • No fiat currency payment methods are accepted
  • Accounts have to be funded with cryptocurrencies
  • A wide range of cryptocurrency deposits are accepted
  • Confirmation is required for each of these different currencies

Bleutrade Supported Currencies & Countries

The Bleutrade cryptocurrency substitute is an international platform that is available in many countries of the world. entirely countries with rigorous regulations against unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges have restricted Bluetrade services. Some countries allow Bleutrade exchange but have limited some of its features .
The Bleutrade exchange supports a huge number of cryptocurrencies. More than 15 cryptocurrencies are supported on Bleutrade and orders can be placed by making unlike currency pairs out of this huge kind. democratic cryptos like Bitcoin ( BTC ), Bitcoin Cash ( BHC ), Ethereum ( ETH ), Dogecoin ( DOGE ) are available along with altcoins like Htmlcoin ( HTML ), Zetacoin ( ZET ), Litecoin ( LTC ), Dash ( DASH ), and many more.

Bleutrade Customer Support

  • Unlike websites of other leading crypto exchange in the world, Bleutrade has an extensive portfolio of FAQs that are meant to solve the most common questions of customers.
  • Their customer support is in the form of tokens that can be raised on their web platform.
  • Users will have to select the element with which they are facing a problem and then submit a specific question.
  • Information to solve the problem will be shared by the Bleutrade support team when they find a solution to the issue.
  • Bleutrade doesn’t have any live chat options.
  • Bleutrade can also be accessed through different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and many more.

Bleutrade Review - Bleutrade Customer Support Bleutrade Review – Bleutrade Customer Support
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Bleutrade Review: Conclusion

Bleutrade reviews are a interracial bag. Some ratings mention authentic trade practices, while some others express dissatisfaction with their services. Most of the complaints are with regards to the Bleutrade customer serve. Users mentioned situations when there were issues with transactions, and Bleutrade confirm services did not respond to their tokens or support tickets despite repeated attempts. Some users have even reported being scammed and losing some assets because of a miss of reaction from the corroborate team .
But whatever may be the scores from Bleutrade reviews, they continue to be democratic in the digital world, with millions of dollars of cryptocurrencies already having been traded through the change in its about eight years of being. Bleutrade, in hurt of being an unregulated commute, has been able to build and sustain a big customer floor of cryptocurrency traders.


Is Bleutrade Regulated?

Bleutrade is an unregulated cryptocurrency change. It is not supervised by any internationally recognized fiscal regulative bodies. This introduces some risks in using Bleutrade, but even then thousands of traders are regularly using the platform for their digital currency transactions .

How Do I Withdraw Money From Bleutrade?

In order to withdraw money from Bleutrade, users will first have to log in to their accounts. then they will have to go to their My Wallet and then go to Actions and select the withdrawal choice. Bleutrade users will have to pay minor withdrawal fees .

Is Bleutrade Safe?

Bleutrade is unregulated and so there is constantly an aspect of risk. But in hurt of it, there are lots of security features introduced by Bleutrade. These include layers of encoding, estimable security terms and conditions, and two-factor authentication. Bluetrade advises users to activate their two-factor authentication after completing the Bleutrade login. They should besides be careful not to share their Bleutrade account password with unfamiliar people in order to avoid any security breaches. Users should besides select a good wallet with proper security precautions for storing their cryptocurrencies .
Use Bleutrade Security Tips & Keep Your Assets Secure
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Can US Citizens Trade on Bleutrade?

Bleutrade is an unregulated exchange and not legal in the USA. Users are not allowed to use unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States.

Is Bleutrade Reliable?

Bleutrade is not regulated, but it is still authentic. Lots of Bleutrade reviews mention that it is a dependable source where they can trade their cryptocurrencies. Their first gear trade fees and features to track earlier orders make them an attractive platform for investors and traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. There is even a system of automated AMI deal that users can utilize for placing their orders on the Bleutrade substitution .

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