How & Where to Buy Saitama: Price & Exchanges (June 2022)

How and Where to Buy Saitama (SAITAMA)

There are 15,539 cryptocurrencies presently listed on Coinmarketcap, and around 100 more new tokens added daily. Novice crypto investors are baffled by option. How do you know the best crypto to buy ? What makes one crypto better than another ? Can crypto very make me a millionaire ? What ’ s a blockchain, and do I need to understand the technological side of crypto before buying it ? As Bitcoin form into the populace eye in 2017, the crypto plosion began. What seemed like a futuristic victimize soon became of interest to people across the earth, suddenly hoping for a slice of the crypto grocery store. however, as you probably know, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. You can lose money faster than you can blink. You may not understand how the crypto market works, which is a real danger if you want to become a crypto investor. For exemplify, when Bitcoin ( BTC ) began its meteoric get up in 2017, uneducated crypto investors bought BTC at high prices. After all, the media kept telling us that Bitcoin was heading for $ 100k.

When Bitcoin fell off a cliff at $ 20k, novice crypto investors started panic deal, believing their money was lost everlastingly, not knowing about market price corrections. If you ’ vitamin d sold your Bitcoin ( BTC ) at $ 9k, how gutted would you feel when BTC hit $ 67k end calendar month ? We ’ re not trying to make you feel badly. This military post is about Saitama and its relevance to the miss of crypto education for newly investors. It ’ s all connected .

* Saitama enters the conversation *

The Saitama network has one mission, “To educate the next generation of investors and make financial well-being accessible to all.” Saitama launched in May 2021, so it ’ second very new. other dog-themed meme coins have besides become super-popular this class, like Dogecoin ( DOGE ) and Shiba Inu ( SHIB ). SAITAMA sprung onto the crypto market with a flourish, capturing the imagination of many investors. This post guides you on how and where to buy Saitama, making it easier to access this new meme coin and learn how to make money from cryptocurrencies .

What is Saitama?

Saitama is a “ community-driven platform” committed to helping next-generation crypto investors reach fiscal wellbeing. No matter your age or culture, Saitama ’ south goal is to help you regain dominance of your finances and learn how to create opportunities for wealth. Saitama is the net, and the native token is SAITAMA. It is built with a smart code on ERC-20, the Ethereum blockchain. It ’ s a dog-themed meme mint, but it ’ s actually a wolf. The Saitama logo is a wolf ’ s head with a human face in its in-between, about like a headdress. According to the Saitama whitepaper, the net focuses on Gen Z investors because obviously, and unsurprisingly, 93 % of new crypto investors feel thwart or confused. Buying cryptocurrencies is not always square. New coins aren ’ triiodothyronine widely available on the leading crypto exchanges, so you can not buy directly. It ’ s a bit like having to catch several trains to entree your finish. If you don ’ t know your crossing points, you ’ ll get lost. traditional schooling fails to teach us how to invest or compound our money to make it work for us. social expectations lead us to sit behind a desk, receive a wage, and look forward to the exemption of retirement. Saitama wants to change our fiscal condition by providing wealth education. The Saitama network is committed to building an ecosystem, a chic wallet, a marketplace, a multi-channel content platform, and an NFT-based launching pad, aiming to teach Generation Z investors how to create wealth .

What Makes Saitama Unique?

many crypto critics suggest that meme coins have no long-run respect. As Saitama is a new mint, we ’ re relying on promises of value, such as –

  • The SaitaMask smart wallet ( presently delayed as it was due for establish in September 2021 )
  • Multi-channel fiscal department of education platform – linked to the SaitaMask wallet
  • NFT launchpad platform – stage-4 plans
  • Marketplace ( credibly merchandise ) – stage-4 plans
  • Saitama Studios – developers are working on video recording game creation exploitation via game studios .
  • charitable Support – Saitama has pledged to donate to educational charities and student bodies .

If Saitama follows through with development plans, the congress of racial equality rate lies in educating Generation Z investors on finance and wealth creation .

How & Where to Buy Saitama Inu (SAITAMA)

SAITAMA international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine available on some precede cryptocurrency exchanges, but that ’ s convention for fresh coins. There is a stage-5 design in seat to gain submission to more mainstream crypto exchanges. When you ’ ra adding coins like SAITAMA to your portfolio, buying from a hope rally is all-important. right nowadays, one of the most popular Google search terms around this project is “ How to buy Saitama Inu”, and the route is not immediately apparent, apart from a few confusing YouTube video. The survive thing you need when buying crypto tokens is to feel confuse. But don ’ t concern. We ’ ll make it easy in this stake. You ’ ve total to the right page to learn how to buy Saitama and where to buy Saitama .

The best crypto change to buy SAITAMA is is a tier 1, trusted cryptocurrency exchange with a daily trade volume of over $ 1 billion ( approaching $ 2bn ) and a reliance score of 10. The crypto exchange launched in 2013 and has become a authentic crypto platform with many cross-file users and the widest range of cryptocurrencies. This section provides a bit-by-bit guide to buying SAITAMA on You ’ re going to love this hassle-free way to buy SAITAMA tokens .

  1. Create an bill on
  2. has a streamline verification process. once register, your raw crypto account is verified immediately .
  3. Fund your bill with a mainstream cryptocurrency. USDT is recommended as it is the merely SAITAMA pair
  4. When your account has funds, go to the trade sphere and find the SAITAMA/USDT trading pair
  5. You can now decide what to do with your SAITAMA token

right now, SAITAMA doesn ’ thyroxine have a high trade volume, so you ’ re credibly not going to want to trade it. You can buy more mainstream cryptos for trading, if that ’ s your bearing. The safest thing is to store your SAITAMA tokens in a secure crypto wallet, but note that the SaitaMask wallet international relations and security network ’ thymine available even. has an exchange wallet and a hardware wallet that you can use in the meanwhile. You can besides buy SAITAMA from the Poloniex crypto exchange though it has a lot lower supply and liquidity by comparison .

What is the Best Wallet for Storing SAITAMA?

We recommend MetaMask or TrustWallet for storing your SAITAMA. Download the MetaMask wallet and go to “ Add token ” and copy the SAITAMA contract address 0x8b3192f5eebd8579568a2ed41e6feb402f93f73f into the Custom Token Contract Address sphere. From the MetaMask wallet, you can send, receive or trade your SAITAMA. Whilst DeFi wallets for mobile are still in their infancy, you will be able to get the TrustWallet set up on your Android or io device, which includes iPads and Macbooks .

How do I Sell Saitama?

If you wonder how to Cash out Saitama, it ’ mho very easy.

The work works in reverse to buying .

  1. Send your SAITAMA coins from wherever they ’ re being held, either on an exchange or a secret wallet, back to
  2. once they ’ re in, you need to trade them on the SAITAMA/USDT match
  3. once you have USDT, you need to sell this for decree currency. Since doesn ’ metric ton support decree wallets, you ’ ll motivation to send your USDT to another cryptocurrency switch over
  4. You will need to choose a dependable exchange to get set up on and complete your identity verification before making the transportation
  5. Coinbase is the world’s most popular service for handling USDT to fiat currency sales, such as USD, GBP, or EUR
  6. once you have a decree currency balance, you can withdraw it to your bank account


Saitama is an concern dog-themed meme coin with enough of potential. Most of the Saitama development plans have so far to come to realization. distillery, the network is transparent about delays, such as the SaitaMask smart wallet, which was due for release in September 2021 but is not so far available. Dog-themed coins are enormously popular. Crypto enthusiasts wonder if SAITAMA could be the following Dogecoin ( DOGE ) or Shiba Inu ( SHIB ). last month, the latter coin made headlines after a crypto giant moved 3 billion SHIB. That investor put $ 3,400 into SHIB tokens and became a billionaire less than a year by and by. These are the headlines sending people to register with crypto exchanges in droves, all hoping to become a crypto millionaire. Could Saitama make you a millionaire ? cipher knows the answer to that, but with thus many crypto millionaires now, it ’ randomness something we all believe is possible. If Saitama is listed on more mainstream exchanges in 2022 and follows through with development plans, crypto experts believe that Saitama has a lot of growth likely. For now, the best place to get it is .


Is Saitama crypto real?

Yes, Saitama is a legit cryptocurrency .

Who Founded Saitama?

Like most meme coins, the Saitama founder is anonymous. The Saitama whitepaper suggests that the original ( unknown ) laminitis had to step down for personal reasons. It ’ s believed that a group of people liked the idea of the Saitama visualize, took it over and proceed growth .

What is SaitaMask?

SaitaMask is the official wallet for SAITAMA. It is not so far available. Saitama has a 5-stage development plan. The network is presently at stage three. Stage four lists the completion of the SaitaMask wallet .

Will SAITAMA reach $0.10?

Saitama has experienced rapid growth since its launch. But it is a deflationary nominal with a cap on the supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 SAITAMA coins, although Saitama systematically burns tokens and has burned 49 % of the supply to date. Another dog-themed meme coin, Shiba Inu ( SHIB ), received criticism for its massive token issue, but SAITAMA ’ south issue is a hundred times more. With such a massive supply, SAITAMA is unlikely to reach $ 0.10 for a very hanker time, if ever. As in all fiscal markets, if there is more supply than demand, prices do not rise as fast. A express supply always increases demand. Bitcoin ( BTC ), for exemplify, has a cap of 21 million BTC with a current go around supply of over 18 million .

Is Saitama a good investment?

There is oscilloscope for potential. however, as in the previous question, with a supply cap of a quadrillion SAITAMA tokens, SAITAMA is improbable to reach meaning price points. This means that investors might need to purchase hundreds of millions of coins to hold a significant total. The benefit of investing in SAITAMA is the moo price steer for entrance. If you ’ five hundred bought $ 100 of SAITAMA on the 1st of October, you would have been able to sell it for approximately $ 800 by the end of the like calendar month. Two weeks later, on the 13th of November, it hit an all time high that would have made the original investment of $ 100 worth roughly $ 1600. Crypto induct is notional because there ’ s so little historical data, particularly for a newfangled mint. But a small investing in SAITAMA today could see good growth potential if you are prepare to hold your tokens for a while .

Should I buy Saitama?

Saitama has a set of likely. right now, SAITAMA is not available with all the leading crypto exchanges, so you can only presently buy SAITAMA from trusted sites and Poloniex. To calculate if it ’ second worth buy SAITAMA, think logically. Saitama has stage-5 plans to get listed with more mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges. so, when that occurs, here ’ s what could happen :

  1. SAITAMA becomes widely available on more ahead crypto exchanges
  2. It becomes more accessible for crypto investors, crypto enthusiasts and newcomer investors
  3. More people buy SAITAMA
  4. More people trade SAITAMA
  5. Because of increase book, SAITAMA fluidity increases
  6. Increased book and liquid equal price constancy and price increases

ultimately, it ’ s up to you whether to buy SAITAMA or not. A lot of things are yet to stack up for Saitama, but the network is transparent, communication is good, and development plans are exciting. Let ’ s not forget that Saitama Inu was launched in May 2021 and has achieved a set in a relatively short time .

How do I invest in Saitama?

It ’ s easy to invest in Saitama. Open an account with a crypto exchange that lists SAITAMA, such as or Poloniex. Download a crypto wallet such as MetaMask. Fund your crypto account with mainstream crypto, buy SAITAMA, and send it to your secure wallet for safekeeping .

How much Saitama should you have?

All crypto investors have unlike budgets and long-run investment goals. It ’ s advisable entirely to risk money you can comfortably afford to lose. You could nowadays buy 150,000,000 SAITAMA for under $ 10 .

What are Saitama Network fees?

Saitama transaction fees are 4 % per transaction, of which half is sent to a burn address to remove the tokens, and the other half distributed to SAITAMA holders ’ wallets .

Can you Stake Saitama?

information on staking SAITAMA is a small sketchy. There are several YouTube videos available from Saitama fans online. But there ’ s no official citation of staking opportunities on the Saitama web site. Stake completely at your own risk .

Does Saitama have a community?

The Saitama community, known as The Wolfpack, is growing. The best media channels for real-time Saitama announcements are Twitter and Telegram

Be leery of several replica channels pretending to be the Saitama net. The links below are the official Saitama channels .

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