How to Open a Beer Bottle without an Opener (We Tried All!)

therefore you ’ ve gone camping with your pals and after hiking a beautiful, long trail, it ’ south sunset and you decide to unwind with a nice fire and a couple of beers .
You plunge into the cool, merely to find that you left the bottle opener at base. Bummer ! Before you decide to use your teeth to do the job, think, think doubly and think again. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to end up with a chip or broken tooth just to enjoy a couple of Bud Lights. sometimes, desperation can make it worth the gamble, but not today !

Others like you have met with the lapp fortune – stick in the center of nowhere sans bottle opener. fortunately, they decided to try some clever ways to crack open that bottle and happily succeeded .
It ’ mho clock time to share their words of wisdom and put you out of your misery .
here ’ s a compilation of handy-dandy alternatives that you can use to open a beer bottle without an opener the next time you are in the soup – be it in the wilderness or even at home .

method 1 : Take It to the Edge

Although this is one of the easiest hacks to open any bottle, it may leave your tabletop chipped or scratched. sol, don ’ metric ton do it on a clean and fancy granite countertop or a walnut chocolate board. It would be better to take things outside or find a hard-edged come on that you are certain you won ’ t mind if it ’ s left with a nick .

Single-Step Method : Hook the bottle cap on the table ’ sulfur edge and slam it hard

  • Position the lip of the cap on the edge of a table.
  • Smack the top of the bottle with your free hand. If done right, this trick will open a beer bottle in one go.

method 2 : Belt Buckle

Get deem of your belt and use its buckle the future time you need to open a chill Corona .

Single-Step Method : Use the knock ’ randomness heave as a lever to remove the bottle cap

  • Hold the bottle firmly with one hand.
  • With the other hand, secure the edge of the belt buckle under the cap (as shown in the image above).
  • Applying your full strength, press the other side of the buckle with your palm, so the buckle acts like a lever and pries open the cap.

method 3 : stapler with Staple Remover

The raw material remover of a regular stapler can come handy when you decide to grab a few beers with your coworkers in the agency – after sour hours, of naturally .

Single-Step Method : Open a beer bottle with the basic remover

  • Position the staple remover under the crown of the beer bottle.
  • Apply force to pull it upward, working your way around the cap until it’s loose enough to pull off.

method 4 : spoon

You can besides open a beer bottle with a alloy spoon. nowadays, it can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate become easier than this. besides, if you happen to get a little potty and end up with a black eye the adjacent dawn, a metallic element spoon can besides come handy as a cold compress .

Single-Step Method : Use a metallic smooch as a lever

  • Tuck the tip of the spoon under the crown of the bottle cap.
  • Exert force downward on the spoon until the cap opens.

method 5 : ring

The closed chain on your finger can besides come handy to open a beer bottle without an undoer. however, don ’ thyroxine use rings made of soft metals, as exerting excessively much force can bend your ring out of determine .

Single-Step Method : placement the resound under the crown to pry it off

  • Put your hand over the bottle, and hook the bottom of your ring under the crown (as shown in the image above). Be careful that you don’t pinch your skin in between.
  • Twist and pull up until the cap dislodge.

method acting 6 : Scissors

Using a pair of scissors may require some fourth dimension and feat. however, if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have an opener, there is nothing to lose by giving this method a try. Do exercise caution, so that you don ’ t end up injuring yourself.

Single-Step Method : Snip the little ridges of the cap with the scissors

  • Open the scissors and set the blade under one of the ridges in the bottle cap.
  • Make a small cut through the ridge at an angle. This will help loosen the cap slightly.
  • Continue to make more snips, if needed, until the cap is sufficiently loose to remove with a tug.

method 7 : keystone

sometimes the lone key to open a beer bottle is an actual key. A sign of the zodiac key, car key or fair any key can be used to well pop that chilled pint you ’ ve been drooling at !

Single-Step Method : Use the jag border of the key as an undoer

  • Hold the bottle firmly by its neck in one hand.
  • Place the jagged side of the key under the cap and give it a little nudge upward.
  • Use the key as a lever and apply some more pressure to force out one of the ridges.
  • Do the same on 2 or 3 more ridges, until you have created a gap that you can wedge your key into.
  • With your key wedged under the cap, push it upward to force the cap off.

method acting 8 : car Door Latch

If you wish to quench your thirst but have already hit the road, then just open a cable car door and use the door latch to open those bottles. But first pull your car over .

Single-Step Method : Use the car door latch as a bottle undoer

  • Open your car door.
  • Position the bottle’s crown under the latch at an angle (as shown in the image above).
  • Push the bottle downward to pop off the cap.

method acting 9 : Beer Bottle

If you have absolutely nothing at hand, hopefully you have at least two bottles of beer left. You can use one to pry the detonator off the other .

Single-Step Method : use another bottle ’ south crown as an opener

  • Flip one bottle upside down and use the ridge of its cap to pull off the cap of another bottle. You’ll have to hold the two bottles strong and steady for this trick.

method 10 : unaccented

Who would have thought, justly ? Yep, you can use the back of a light or any hard surface as a lever to open a beer bottle without an undoer .

Single-Step Method : Use the base of the light to open the bottle

  • Hold the bottle firmly by the top of its neck, leaving just enough space for the lighter to fit in.
  • Fit the back of the lighter under the crown.
  • Push down on the other end of the lighter until the cap flies off.

method 11 : coin

You can besides use a coin as a pry to open a beer bottle without an opener .

Single-Step Method : Use a coin to force out the ridges of the cap

  • Place the edge of the coin under the lip of the bottle.
  • Push the coin downward to force out the ridges and create a gap.
  • Continue working your way around until the cap comes off.

method acting 12 : paper or dollar Bill

Sounds absurd, correct ? But you can actually open a beer bottle with a man of wallpaper, if you do it the right room. You can use a dollar bill rather of composition, but paper sounds safe !

step 1. Fold the newspaper to create a intemperate edge

  • Continue to fold the paper in half until you can no longer fold it any further. This will give you a thick, long rectangle piece of paper.
  • Fold the thick rectangle in half lengthwise to create a hard edge.

gradation 2. Use the hard edge to pop off the cap

  • Place the hard edge under the crown of the cap.
  • Use the rest of the paper as a lever to pop off the cap.


  • If you want to chill your beer quickly, simply wrap a tissue paper around it and spray it generously with water. The paper should be wet enough to stick to the bottle. Refrigerate the bottle for 15 minutes to turn it ice cold.


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