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1/4 oz American Gold Eagle

As the second little of the four sizes of American Gold Eagle coins, the 1/4 oz American Gold Eagles are popular as a resultant role of their price charge, the intrinsic value, and comes with the benefits and security of investing in gold, including peace of heed .
The United States Mint began minted the American Gold Eagle series in 1986. The bullion coin series is minted in four different measure denominations each with a corresponding weight. ( 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz and 1/10 oz ) .

1/4 oz Gold Eagle Details

  • Minted from one-quarter troy ounce of .999 fine gold.
  • Obverse: Modernized rendition of the Walking Liberty design.
  • Reverse: Inscriptions for weight, purity and face value, with eagle design in center.
  • Backed by the US Mint.
  • Coins will be selected at random from dealer inventory

Gold Eagle 1/4 oz Design

It is a good idea to note that there have been several minor design changes over the life of the series when buying random year coins .
The coins using roman Numerals through 1991. From 1992 through the deliver the more companion Arabic Numerals are featured.

On the type 1 coins, the reverse portrays an eagle flying to his nest on the reverse with a family of eagles eagerly awaiting his return .
Partway through 2021, an update type 2 reverse design was introduced that portrays just the face of the boisterous eagle with piercing eyes .
With the design change occurring mid-year, coins featuring the type 1 design from this year were cursorily sold out by the mint and many are in the hands of collectors. Some of these coins may be included in some secondary market inventories .
The reverse includes inscriptions United States of America, E Pluribus Unum ( from many, one ). It besides features In God We Trust, slant ( one-fourth oz fine gold ) and legal affectionate value ( $ 10 ) .
On the front of the coin is a word picture of Lady Liberty inspired by the Augustus Saint-Gaudens $ 20 gold while ( 1907-1933 ). A atavistic reminder to times in holocene history when gold coins were circulating through the economy as real money anterior to the politics confiscated and seized gold in 1933 .
The 1/4 ounce Gold Eagle coin is 22mm in diameter, and the total slant is 8.48 grams crude and allow the opportunity to buy gold coins for precisely a divide of the price of an ounce. These coins are a great choice for and are recommended for stacking .
random year quarter Ounce Gold Eagles are one of the cheapest ways to purchase fractional sovereign government legal-tender gold coins.

The coins you receive will be selected based on available dealer inventory .
The US Mint produces mass quantities of the 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle in Brilliant Ulncirculated ( BU ) mint circumstance to ensure it will remain a drawing card in the gold bullion grocery store .
The legal tender value is largely symbolic as the intrinsic value of the American Gold Eagle 1/4 oz fluctuates directly with the price of gold .

American Eagle 1/4 oz Gold Coin Mintage History 1986 to Present

1/4 oz Gold Eagle Mintages
Year Bullion Proof
1986 726,031
1987 269,255
1988 49,000
1989 81,789
1990 41,000
1991 36,100
1992 59,546
1993 71,864
1994 72,650
1995 83,752
1996 60,318
1997 108,805
1998 309,829
1999 564,232
2000 128,964
2001 71,280
2002 62,027
2003 74,029
2004 72,014
2005 72,015
2006 60,004
2007 34,004
2008 70,000
2009 1100,000
2010 86,000
2011 80,000
2012 90,000
2013 114,500
2014 90,000
2015 158,000
2016 152,000
2017 64,000
2018 62,000
2019 38,000
2020 106,000
2021 162,000
2022 Not yet known

1/4 oz Gold American Eagle Specifications

Weight 0.25 oz
Country United States
Type Gold Coins
Mint US Mint
Year Random Year
Coins Series American Eagle
Classification Modern
Face Value $10 USD
Purity .9167 fineness
Diameter 22 mm
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