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Hey guys, thanks for your giây phút reading this .

Well, this Bayern’s legend can be nothing but amazing. tải app shbet
prime thẻ it is a glitchy defensively despite the lack of aggression và strength & you will know why .

I packed this legend untradeable from a JUMBO RARE PLAYERS PACK after completing 300 wins for LIVE FUT Friendlies ( that a I sweat béo complete for TOTY ) và I was very excited bự try it on my WL .

Pace: slap a shadow on this boy and he will take you to the moon. Forrest Gump is a myth, this guy is real. 98 acceleration and 96 sprint speed with a shadow grants you a high end runner player for your squad as well as mini tank (he is 5’7″ tall). Neymar? No problem. Kent? No problem. Mané? No problem. Just tell me a guy and I will keep saying: no problem. This guy is amazing and he is short so I don’t know how this works but he runs fast my dudes.

Shooting: scored twice with him at the previous WL (I’m using stay back while attacking setting so it is not normal for me play agressively with him). Quite good shooting for a RB and a CDM (you can use him as a CDM just fine). Not the best but it is ok.

Passing: 86 vision, 91 crossing, 88 short and 86 long passing and 87 curve. Do you have a war tank upfront like Vieri, Vieira, CR7 etc? Just put this guy to cross and you will be scoring a lot of goals. His passing is great I can’t complain about anything, he just do good and know how to work properly. This lad is a machine, can run, can pass and can defend.

Dribbling: 87 agility, 93 balance, 94 reactions, 89 ball control, 83 dribbling and 94 composure. This guys feels like melted butter oozing through the pitch. I was really impressed with his dribbling ingame.

Defending: superb. He really makes me feel like I have Kanté. He is not so aggressive (69 aggression and 63 strength) but somehow he just can catch the ball, simple like that. His right leg is clinical. I use him as a RB and won’t replace him sooner.

Physicality: 5’7″ tall and 74 jump, he basically can’t even skipping rope. 94 stamina? As I said my boys, Forrest Gump is a myth, this guys is real. 90 minutes + extra time with no problem.

Workrates: defensively he is amazing. Outstanding defensive card. Can’t complain about anything.

CLOSING WORDS: if you have the money and really want someone outstanding this lad is the right for the job. Don’t be afraid from his aggressive and strength stats he is a ball robber.

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