Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air review

The main changes are a wide seat documentation, more shoulder padding, a higher head support for your baby and the framework, which is made with a breathable polyester mesh. This keeps parent and child cool, peculiarly in areas that naturally get sweaty, and dries cursorily. The concept, which they call ‘ Airology ’, is that you will feel safe to carry your child on hot days because you won ’ metric ton worry about them overheating. swedish brand BabyBjorn is synonymous with fashionable however functional rear products, with its carriers the amber standard for structured baby wearing kit out. The classical mailman has evolved over the years, with the party creating a count of variations on the original. The latest is the Baby Carrier One Air, which was created with serve from paediatricians, baby carrying experts and 100 families. The mailman comes in six dull colours – black, united states navy blue, slate amobarbital sodium, argent, anthracite and chopper pink – with either black or grey buckles depending on the coloring material choice. Costing £159.99, it is at the peak end of carrier market in terms of price but has a longevity of use and should stopping point you for two if not more children, astir to the senesce of three. It besides has battlefront and spinal column wear options .

alike multi-positional carriers include the Ergobaby Omni 360 ( £154.90 ) and the Mountain Buggy Juno ( £75 ), which both have a hip-carrying option, repositing pockets and a head cover for baby, unlike the BabyBjorn. The Juno besides has a higher burden terminus ad quem of 20kg, compared to 15kg, but requires a newborn cut-in for smaller babies .

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Alex lives in York and has two sons – Ralph, 3, and Max, 3 months. She tested the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air around the house, on light trips to the shops and on longer walks with family. She is the erstwhile deputy editor of a rear magazine .

First impressions?

The carrier came neatly folded in one piece in a box and looked identical square and fashionable. I liked the framework and the blue grey anthracite coloring material – the sort of thing any parent of either gender would be glad wear .

How do you put on the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air?

You put the mailman over your mind like a jumper, sliding your arms through the shoulder straps. The back yoke ( the strap between the shoulder straps ) should sit between your shoulder blades and can be pulled at one goal to tighten, equally good as slid up and down for positioning. Next you clip up the shank belt and adjust it to fit your body by pulling the strap forwards and tucking them into the loops .

How easy is the carrier to put on and take off?

I found it less square that the instructions suggested. There is quite a batch of corporeal and multiple straps sol I felt rather swamped the first time I put it on and it took me a while to get used to it. It is in truth comfortable to pull off over your head though .

What are the seating positions like on the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air?

One of the main features of this carrier is the number of unlike seating positions and the way it grows with your child, from newborn to age three ( 15kg ). It has 4 stages :

  • parent-facing using the newborn seat (from 3.5kg and 53cm long)
  • parent-facing using the baby seat (from approx. 4 months old and 62-67cm long, up to 15kg)
  • forward-facing using the baby seat (from approx. 5 months old to 15 months, up to 12kg)
  • back carrying (from 12 months to 36 months, up to 15kg and 100cm long

I was impressed by this longevity and versatility, although it is a pity there is no hip carrying option. I besides liked the fact it offers a neonate and baby buttocks manner – you switch between the two by unzipping a nibble of framework inside the aircraft carrier and the newborn mode lease ’ s your baby sit higher up and closer to you .
This means that unlike the Mountain Buggy Juno, you don ’ t need to use a specific newborn cut-in. There ’ s besides an extra peg strap that you use for supernumerary security for babies under 4.5kg – we didn ’ metric ton get a prospect to use this as my son was already past that size when we started using it at 6 weeks old .
Given Max ’ randomness long time and size, we were only able to use the parent-facing modes – Ralph is 3 years but finale to 18kg and besides big for the mailman .
however, the back carrying mode looked a bite of a faff. You have to put your child on at the front and turn it around whilst wearing them. It looked like a recipe for stress and even doing it without a child in was slippery when I tried it .
I borrowed my supporter ’ randomness 10-month-old to try out the front-facing mode and found that very comfortable. He felt very guarantee and interestingly, it pulled less on my shoulders than when I had Max in parent-facing modality .

Does the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air support your little one’s hips and allow your little one to sit in the ‘M’ position?

Yes. The carrier is tested and approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and has a wide seat to provide support to your child, ampere well as a two-ended travel rapidly under the bottom, which you can adjust to position their peg comfortably, depending on their long time and what mood you are using .
This version of the carrier has been created with a wide seat to provide good hep confirm .

Does it follow the TICKS guidelines?

Yes, in the 3 front modes – you can ’ t see them in the back mode but your child has to be 12 months to use this .

Is the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air comfy for you to use?

It wasn ’ t the most comfortable carrie I ’ ve used, to be honest. The farseeing life of the carrier and the fact it is designed to be worn by either gender meant I struggled to adjust it to a position I found identical comfortable wearing for more than a short measure of time. I am 5ft 4ins and have a short torso, plus I have quite a brawny baby – he was 7.5kg by 14 weeks .
Each meter I put the carrier on, I had to adjust and tighten straps, and I could never quite exercise out where the back yoke should be, nor how fast. My husband besides got torment when we switched the carrier between us and he had to change all the settings to suit his 5ft 8ins inning and broader shoulders. He normally uses a BabyBjorn Carrier One Outdoors and I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate touch it, so it is always set up for his condition .
My shoulders were often tight after using this carrier, specially after a day walking in the countryside outside York with a ally. I had Max in there for a couple of 90-minute stints, punctuated by a public house stop, and I had a piece of concern the next day from shoulder tension .
While this could be my worthlessness at putting it on, I ’ five hundred argue the instructions aren ’ t wholly clear, peculiarly when it comes to position of the rear yoke and the shank band .

What is the sizing like?

The carrier does seem to give enough of board whilst offer beneficial confirm for identical young babies arsenic well as toddlers. As I ’ ve said, my son is on the upper centiles and seemed comfortable. It besides caters well for improbable parents, but is possibly not indeed good for shorter mums .

Can you put the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air on and take it off by yourself?

Yes, although I sometimes needed help to adjust it before putting Max in, particularly if my conserve had been using it before me. The second yoke is near on impossible to move and adjust solo – you ’ five hundred need to be a contortionist !

What are the shoulder straps like?

They are about 3 inches wide-eyed and well-padded. They come astir over the shoulders and loop underneath the weapon back towards the carrier, with a bet on couple to connect them between the shoulder blades .
You can change the distance by pulling under the arms to tighten or loosening the adjuster merely beneath your armpit. This was very easy to do .
The second yoke was not ! The only way of doing the latter on my own seemed to be whilst not wearing the carrier, but then I had no idea where to placement it or how tight to put it .

What are the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air buckles like?

They are credit card and feel very impregnable. I did find the four buckles on the front of the mailman, which you use to clip baby in, a bit fiddly though – particularly the ones at the sides .
The polish casing does mean you don ’ t catch anything on them though and there is a childlike push button on the side of them to unhook them when you want to take your baby out .

Are the instructions clear?

There is a booklet with diagrams and instructions on how to use the carrier, which are pretty pass but lacking in a few details. There ’ mho besides a handy long label which tucks away in an inside pouch in the aircraft carrier that repeats the data – useful when you are knocked out and sleep loss renders you forgetful, or if you lose the booklet !

There are extra little notes inside the carrier to remind you of essentials like weight limits and how buckles should sit .

Is it easy to put your child into the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air carrier?

It should have been but I did find the summons trickier than implied by the instructions. There are 4 buckles on the front – 2 to the sides which are level with baby ’ second shank and 2 to attach the battlefront control panel to the shoulder straps. You have to slide the top patch down onto the bottom firearm until they click .
But I found that the side ones were truly catchy because I couldn ’ triiodothyronine see what I was doing. Added to that, I either had to press Max into me fairly firm ( which made him shout ) or loosen the carrier wave. If I was in a rush, it made me feel quite stressed .
There was besides one occasion where I got his foot catch in the material and he was crying hysterically but I couldn ’ thyroxine see what the matter was. I was trying to go out with my firstborn in a balmy and he was besides kicking off – not ideal !

Is it comfy for your child?

once in the carrier wave, Max seemed very happy and comfortable, often napping. He was well supported, had a beneficial image of apparent motion for his hands and legs, and his pass had back if he fell asleep. A higher forefront defend is one of the key features of this mailman and it was about 4 inches hanker compared to 3.5 inches on our Baby Carrier One Outdoors .
But the march of doing the mailman up sometimes felt uncomfortable for Max and I could besides feel the hard formative side buckles through the fabric on the inwardly of the carrier, which I did worry might be digging in a bit – or would do so as he got bigger .
One feature that is missing and would be a dainty addition, particularly given the price, is some kind of head overlay for cold or showery weather. The Mountain Buggy Juno has an excellent protective hood, as does the budget Infantino Cuddle Up .

What age can the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air carrier be used for?

The carrier is suitable from newborn to about age 3, although the weight restrictions are 3.5kg-15kg and this mean my 3-year-old was way besides heavy .
But I plainly couldn ’ t have imagined carrying him in it, either on front or back, even at senesce 2. other parents might be a morsel stronger and audacious ! The distance suitability is 53cm to 100cm tall .

How does it compare to other carriers or wraps you have used?

This wasn ’ triiodothyronine my front-runner, if I ’ megabyte honest. I ’ ve besides been using the Boba wrapping with Max while the process of putting it on needs practice and can sometimes go wrong, I find it easier to adjust to my consistency shape, particularly a short torso. It is besides fabulously comfortable to wear, the material is cover girl and I can breastfeed in it – plus costs a fraction of the price at £42. There are no buckles or clips to get in the direction either .
My conserve is a BabyBjorn fan however and uses a BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Outdoors – he finds the Air similar to use, although prefers the fabric of the Outdoors and the strap at the battlefront for adjusting the oral sex rest rather of the two pulley straps on the side of this one. I found these a bit fiddly and felt they restricted Max ’ sulfur watch excessively .
I besides own a Mountain Buggy Juno and this is simpler to use, although you have to put the baby into it before putting on the shoulder straps, which is besides a faff at times. The diverse straps are less easy to adjust – the BabyBjorn is very polish .
But I do prefer some of the Juno features, like the hood, storage pockets and a compartment on baby ’ s back to put your hands and stroke them. Plus you can breastfeed in it and your baby is against your torso for reassurance, rather than having a layer of fabric between you. Having said that, this is not so comfortable on hot and sweaty days !

Can you breastfeed while wearing the carrier?

not in truth. You have to take your baby out of the carrier and then pull your arm out of one side of the carrier at least in order to feed, as the inner empanel gets in the room. I found this very frustrating, specially when out with both of my children and lacking in hands and time .

Does it feel strong and durable?

I ’ d say indeed. The framework is brilliant quality and the aircraft carrier is well made – it feels very sturdy. You ’ five hundred be able to use this for multiple children .

Is it easy to clean the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air?

The aircraft carrier is made of a breathable polyester enmesh framework that is designed to keep parent and child cool, peculiarly in areas that naturally get sweaty like under your arms and around your child ’ south branch. It is besides designed to dry cursorily .
BabyBjorn calls the concept ‘ Airology ’ and created it so that you feel safe to carry your child on hot days because you won ’ triiodothyronine worry about them overheating. surely this is something that has put me off baby wearing in the past, although we were testing the carrier wave in the fall in Yorkshire and consequently temperature was not a refer !
The fabric was easy to spot clean but can besides be machine washed at 40C, on its own, with a bleach-free detergent. It is not suitable for tumble dry but the interlock vent dries reasonably quickly. My son is not a sicky baby but I know from friends with ebb babies that this is a real selling-point. cotton carriers take longer to dry .
I liked that the material was certified as barren from hazardous materials and safe for Max to chew and suck on, something he was identical lament to do .

How easy it the carrier to store?

It ’ sulfur fairly bulky as there are a lot of straps and material. You can ’ t truly shove it into your changing bag, although it could go in a buggy basket or car boot. I ’ d have liked to see it come with a carry cup of tea – our Carrier One Outdoors has its own bulge .

What is the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air carrier best used for?

I would say while out of the house and walking about, possibly short shopping trips or the greenhouse and school play. It ’ s a bit bulky for using around the family with a baby who wants to stay close at all times – a sling or wrap would be comfier and less cumbersome, plus allow the luck to breastfeed .
I besides found it hard to sit down for any length of time wearing it and Max much woke when I did. So I wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate choose to use it for lunch with friends for example .

Is the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air value for money?

This carrier is at the top end price judicious at £159.99 but it does offer longevity, lastingness, and multiple positions, american samoa well as being desirable for both mums and dads. If you plan to babywear frequently and find this carrier comfortable, then it would be a good investment. But I think you ’ d need to be sure of that and try it out for a sting first .
I ’ five hundred besides like to see some supernumerary features, like a cover for baby ’ s head and possibly a storage pocket or position to keep your hands ardent. Plus the fact you can ’ triiodothyronine breastfeed in it was disappointing – this would have made it much more available, specially during the first base few months and besides for parents with more than one child .

Where can I buy the BabyBjorn Carrier One Air?

It is available to buy from Amazon and BabyBjorn

 MadeForMums verdict

I wanted to like this carrier much more than I did, I ’ megabyte afraid. There are some fantastic features and lots of well-considered blueprint, but I good didn ’ thyroxine find it as comfortable or available as other wraps and carriers I ’ ve had have of, particularly given the monetary value .
That said, improbable women and men would probably find it more become to their frames. And it is surely comfortable for child .

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