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What is SafeMoon

SafeMoon ( SAFEMOON ) is a digital currency similar to Etheruem or Bitcoin ‘s currentness, but it differs in some aspects equally well. The creators made it with the mind of resolving some of the issues that the aforesaid cryptocurrencies have, such as the high price excitability .

SafeMoon discourages day trade and rewards the long-run holders of the token by charging a 10 % tip on each sale, where half of the fees are then collected and embarked for preexistent mint owners that receive dividends in the form of extra cryptocurrency tokens, which have a SafeMoon price .

SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency token that is BEP-20 based and launched on the Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) ecosystem. It is built to have three core components, such as the reflection, where the SafeMoon transactions are charged a fee that gets distributed to the holders of the keepsake, which impacts the SafeMoon Price, and then you have a fee which is charged on a transaction that is given to diverse liquidity pools on multiple platforms, including PancakeSwap as an example.

then you have the token burn process that happens after each trade. In order to reach consensus, the SafeMoon token is built on the Binance Smart Chain and, as such, uses Proof-of-Authority, and this means that the creators are known as validators. The validators are pre-approved and chosen by Binance deoxyadenosine monophosphate well.

SafeMoon Founders

The SafeMoon protocol was founded by John Karony, who was an analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense and is the chief technology military officer over at Thomas SMith. furthermore, we have the community director known as Trevor Church ampere well as the COO Jack Haines-Davies.
The project launched on March 8 in 2021, as a digital asset that has a decentralized finance-based ambition. It runs on blockchain engineering and is a populace ledger that is shared across a peer-to-peer network that records information about every transaction out there. This is all based on the SafeMoon Price.

How Does SAFEMOON Work

The SafeMoon ( SAFEMOON ) protocol is a combination of RFI tokenomics and auto-liquidity beget protocols. SafeMoon evening has plans of developing an NFT ( Non-Fungible Token ) exchange and even charity projects a well as crypto educational applications in the future.

The theme here is for token holders to earn the SAFEMOON token depending on how many coins they have, which can be up to an 80 % APY. The SafeMoon protocol defines the SafeMoon monetary value, and SafeMoon Plans in the future can show us data SafeMoon ROI long-run angstrom well as test just how SafeMoon Network secured it is. It uses an car fluidity generating Protocol and will develop crypto educational apps. It can lead to lp acquisition, and SafeMoon plans to develop early usages in the future .

In terms of the security, the developer burned all of the tokens in the Dev Wallet before its plunge, and there was a bonny plunge on DxSale, where the LP is locked on DxLocker for four years, and an LP is generated with every trade then locked on PancakeSwap, which marks just how fasten the net is.
In early words, SafeMoon is a BEP-2o token launched on March 8 of 2021, and SafeMoon transactions are charged a tip that gets distributed to the holders of the keepsake. then you have a tip that is charged on transactions which are given to diverse fluidity pools on PancakeSwap, and it uses proof-of-authority as a consensus mechanism.

Where Can You Buy SAFEMOON

SafeMoon ( SAFEMOON ) has an available provide of 579,692,506,603,920 and a sum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000. If you want to buy, sell or trade SafeMoon ( SAFEMOON ), you can do so on the pursue exchanges : LBank, PancakeSwap, BitMart,, MXC, Hotbit, and Bitrue.

Our bit-by-bit scout on how to buy SafeMoon ( SFM ) will help you get started !

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