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I was a young shoe shine in Glasgow when a man came in, his boots cemented in mud. I worked and worked until those boots sparkled. In return, he gave me an American dime. That dime inspired me to move to America and find my fortune. It means more to me than every bit of bullion in my Money Bin
―Scrooge McDuck[src]

The Number One Dime, besides known as the Lucky Dime or Lucky #1 Dime, is the first mint that Scrooge McDuck had ever earned. It beginning appeared in an Uncle Scrooge comedian history titled The Round Money Bin, created by Carl Barks and beginning published in Uncle Scrooge # 3 ( September 1953 ). In this narrative, the dime bag is so previous that it has become slender as a razor blade and allows Scrooge to cut binding ropes and escape from the Beagle Boys. Since Carl Barks ‘ 1961 classical Uncle Scrooge comedian The Midas Touch, sorceress Magica De Spell has been trying to obtain the dime.

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In the amusing Billions in the Hole ( 1961 ), written and drawn by Carl Barks, the date on Scrooge ‘s dime bag is 1899 and it bears the portrait of an eagle. [ 1 ] In some late comedian stories, the issue one dime is a silver 1875 Seated Liberty Dime. [ 2 ] It is normally seen encased in a reliquary determine like a aureate platter with a velvet cushion securing the mint under a protective glaze dome. In DuckTales, the dime bag is a generic white alloy mint marked with a large “ 10 ” on its surface ( it is ill-defined if this is the obverse [ “ heads ” ] or the reverse [ “ tails ” ] ), and the shock absorber is occasionally replaced by a dollar augury ( “ $ ” ) -shaped pedestal. In the episode “ once Upon a Dime “, Scrooge tells his nephew the fib of how he earned the dime as a shoeshine boy in Scotland. In the House of Mouse episode “ House of Scrooge “, the Number One Dime is portrayed as a Winged Liberty Head “ Mercury ” dime silver dime bag of nameless coinage ( the “ Mercury ” dime bag was minted from 1916 to 1945 ). In The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse, the Number One Dime appears when Minnie by chance trips over it while throwing stuff at the giant .


In late stories, it is insinuated that the dime brings good luck to Scrooge and has helped him become a deep man, and in some stories he instantaneously starts losing money whenever the dime bag is no longer in his possession. It is never made clear whether the dime bag actually brings dependable luck or if Scrooge merely believes in it so much that he is distress and makes bad decisions whenever he nobelium longer has the dime. Don Rosa clarified that the Number One Dime is not actually an amulet, and that this vision was just a myth, which, notably, is discrepant with some of Barks ‘ classic comics, such as Lost Beneath the Sea. [ 3 ] Some other stories suggest that, although the coin is not lucky, it became particular due to the long years by the slope of Scrooge, “ absorbing ” his fiscal successes and the hard times he had to face for them : in fact, when Magica, via meter travel, manages to steal the coin before Scrooge earned it, the dime becomes despicable.

The dime bag is a key diagram distributor point in much every story featuring Magica De Spell as the main villain. Magica believes that by stealing the first coin earned by the richest person in the world and melting it down to a charming amulet, she can gain the power of the ancient King Midas, so that everything she touches becomes amber and she can be rich beyond her wildest dream. The fact that this will only work if the coin indeed belongs to the richest person in the world at the time, and is the first coin that person earned, is crucial, and is made into a diagram sharpen in some stories. According to a comedian report by Don Rosa, it is an 1875 Seated Liberty dime bag, but in a comedian history written by Pat and Carol McGreal and drawn by Maximino Tortajada Aguilar, the last two digits have been swapped, making it an 1857 Seated Liberty dime bag. In Of Ducks, Dimes and Destinies, Magica De Spell travels back in time to Scrooge ‘s youth in order to steal the dime. As shown in this report, Scrooge earned the dime bag in 1877 in his hometown of Glasgow, when he started working as a shoeshine boy on his one-tenth birthday. Before that it belonged to Howard Rockerduck ( the father of John D. Rockerduck ). The customer who paid it to Scrooge, a ditch-digger called Burt, “ cheated ” Scrooge, as an american dime would be despicable in Scotland ( Seated Liberty dimes were discontinued in 1891 ). In reality, Scrooge ‘s church father, Fergus McDuck, gave Burt the dime specifically for paying Scrooge for his services. Scrooge McDuck never learned that fact, although Fergus did reveal it to Scrooge ‘s sisters Matilda and Hortense. Burt and Magica De Spell, who learned about this during her clock travel, are the alone other ones who know. Scrooge kept it as a admonisher not to be fooled again in the future. When he emigrated to the US three years late, he carried it with him. Scrooge still has the dime and keeps it on a pillow under methamphetamine because it is very particular to him. Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and Gladstone Gander among many others think it is in truth a lucky spell, but Scrooge himself maintains it has only sentimental prize .

Ducktales ( 2017 )

In the boot continuity, as shown in “ The Great Dime Chase ! “, Scrooge keeps the dime bag around his neck while a bait sits on a velvet pillow in the Money Bin. He tells his dining table of directors of how he earned the dime bag by cleaning the dirty boots of Burt the Ditch Digger, inspiring him to move to America as a child to find his luck. In “ The Secret ( s ) of Castle McDuck ! “, Fergus McDuck reveals that he gave Burt the dime bag to pass on to Scrooge to teach him a lesson in autonomy.

In “ The Shadow War ! “, it is revealed that fifteen years previously atop Mount Vesuvius, Magica attempted to imprison Scrooge within his dime bag underneath a lunar eclipse but her archnemesis turned the tables on her, imprisoning her rather. By the present day, Magica ‘s spirit, possessing her niece Lena, gets her hands on the dime bag equitable as the future lunar eclipse occurs, freeing her true form from the dime bag. She subsequently imprisoned Scrooge in the head side of the dime bag, lone able to communicate via facial expressions. During the concluding battle, Dewey managed to get ahold of the dime and, when it was struck by Magica ‘s charming, freed Scrooge from the dime.
A close-up shot of it is the end thing seen in the boot ‘s stopping point “ The last adventure ! “ .



  • According to Carl Barks and Don Rosa, before building the money bin, Scrooge kept the Dime bound with a string to his finger and still does so when he brings the coin with him while travelling.
  • In her first story, Magica explains that for her spell any coin belonging to Scrooge can be used: the Number One Dime is simply the most powerful due to their prolonged contact over the years
  • Barks and Rosa depicted the good luck brought by the coin as a result of the trust Scrooge put in it as the first brick of his empire, and the dime is never considered a lucky charm: in fact, many stories depicted Scrooge and the coin being separated via time travel, thus rendering it powerless


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