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What do you buy ?
JEWELRY ( Any discipline )
Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

Loose, Mounted, Certified and Non-Certified

STERLING SILVER ( Any condition )
Flatware and Hollowware :
Forks, Spoons, Knives, Serving Pieces, Tea Sets, Trays, Candelabras, Candle Sticks, Goblets, etc.

Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion
90 % Silver Coins : Dollars ( 1935 and before ), Dimes, Quarters and Halves ( 1964 and before )
40 % Silver Halves : 1965-1969
35 % Silver Wartime Nickels ( 1942-1945 )
Platinum and Palladium Coins and Bullion
U.S. Type Coins
Mint and Proof Sets
Old World + Foreign
Paper Currency
What are the best coins to own ?

We suggest you collect what you like ! There are many different methods of collecting and none are faulty ! treasure Hunt bargain and sells numismatic coins, rare coins, a well as gold, silver, and platinum coins. Stop in and let us help you find the adjacent piece for your collection .
How a lot is my mint worth ?
The rate of a coin is determined by two primary factors : 1 ) Numismatic value ( value based on rarity, demand and preservation ), and 2 ) Bullion respect. While many of the coins people come across may not by very scarce, there are older designs and silver coins to be found, plus the rare ones can surely turn heads. gem Hunt is an excellent reservoir of information on coin values .
How can I sell my coins ?
It ’ sulfur slowly ! Simply bring them in to one of our 10 locations for an evaluation. No appointment necessary .
How can I tell if my items are a precious metal ?
On gold pieces, search for karat markings. Any one of these typically indicates that your jewelry is gold : For 10 karat you will see : 10k, 10kt, or 417 For 14 karat you will see : 14k, 14kt, or 585 For 18 karat you will see : 18k, 18kt, or 750 For Platinum you will see : 950PT, Platinum, 950PT or 10 % IR For Silver you will see : greatest, 925, or SILVER Keep in mind, these are general descriptors. If your items are not marked, that does not inevitably mean they are not of a precious metallic subject. You can always stop in to any Treasure Hunt placement to have your items tested and evaluated !
What if I ‘m not sure that my jewelry is very ?
Stop in to one of our 10, convenient locations and let one of our friendly staff members evaluate your token ( mho ). We are constantly felicitous to help. No appointment necessary .
Do you report this transaction to the IRS ?
treasure Hunt does not report our transactions to the IRS ; it is your province to report the information to any allow organizations .
Can I make money collecting coins ?

Yes ! You by and large have to hold the coins for a number of years. You will besides have to sell them into a adept market. Collectors normally deal in coins for years ; it can become a true sleep together. Benjamin Franklin, a coin collector, purportedly said, “ you take concern of the collection, and the investment will take care of itself ”. You should bear in mind that some coins are not promptly convertible to cash at certain periods of time, and the coin market is bad and unregulated .
How do I get started on a coin collection ?
Reading everything you can get your hands on is an crucial means of acquiring cognition. Your local anesthetic library will probable have respective books…make a sojourn and check them out. Start little and slowly, keeping it cheap to begin with so that should you make some errors early in collecting, it won ’ thymine negatively affect your wallet or your position. You can besides contact Treasure Hunt for information and insights .
Should I clean my coin ?
No. Although there are times and circumstances when a clean is appropriate, 99 % of the time it will result in passing of prize to the mint. When in doubt, don ’ t touch it !
How should I store my coin solicitation ?
In any way that will protect the person items and allow you to enjoy them. Stop by any of our Pittsburgh area locations for collecting supplies and methods .
Why should I sell my gold/jewelry to Treasure Hunt ?
gem Hunt is a family owned clientele, with over 55 years of experience. Our friendly, well-trained staff will involve you and walk you through the march. We offer total foil throughout the transaction and perform the evaluation in front of you. We are committed to delivering lake superior customer military service in a professional and secure environment. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of excellence every day. gold prices have been slowly and steadily rising and are presently at a six-year high. It is a great time to sell !
What metals do you purchase ?
At Treasure Hunt, we have the ability to purchase many varieties of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We have the resources to test and evaluate items in order to determine metallic content, honor and percentages .
What if I don ’ t know what I have ?

plainly bring it in ! One of our well-trained consultants will happily walk you through the process, explaining as we go, and determining items of measure. We carefully evaluate your items proper in front man of you. There is never an duty to sell and no appointment necessary .
How much is my gold deserving ?
Our well-trained and experience staff will be able determine the value of your gold by first base examining the composition and aureate musical composition of each and every nibble. The karat gold concentration, more normally known as karat “ weight ”, is an essential factor in determining the value of gold jewelry. Each piece is carefully inspected and by rights identified. once identified, the jewelry respect is calculated based upon current gold prices .

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