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What Is Unifi Protocol DAO ( UNFI ) ? Unifi Protocol is a rotatory approach to blockchain economics. The concept is simple – the network will use a stablecoin as its flatulence token to remove transaction volatility and inflation. The stick out aims to create the next class of blockchain, built on the principle of economic sustainability. Building a blockchain, not another cryptocurrency. Unifi Protocol DAO is on a mission to make blockchain a solution to modern finance by building a sustainable blockchain economy predictable enough to run a business on. Unifi Protocol DAO has been retooling blockchain economics with their innovative solutions since 2018. These include products such as a wrapperless cross-chain bridge ( uBridge ), a multi-chain AMM ( uTrade ) arrant with boost DeFi arbitrage strategies ( DARBi ), and a amply collateralized nominal integrated throughout the ecosystem ( $ UP ).

UNFI is the government nominal for Unifi Protocol DAO. UNFI holders have exclusive rights to propose and participate in referendums Who Are the Founders of Unifi Protocol DAO ? The Unifi Protocol DAO was founded and created by an on-line bet on community called Sesameseed. Juliun Brabon is co-founder and CEO of Unifi Protocol DAO. He graduated with an english degree from the University of Buffalo and started a career in operations management. late he became the president of respective companies, including Jarrow Industries and Dr. Vita. In May 2018, he co-founded Sesameseed and started working on Unifi Protocol DAO. Kerk Wei Yang is another integral share of the Unifi team, responsible for developing the smart contract capabilities of Unifi Protocol DAO. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and started working in data administration. He joined Unifi Protocol DAO full-time in October 2020.

Daniel Blanco is the lead developer of Unifi Protocol DAO. He has a solid background in data technologies and has worked for companies like Transparent CDN and Seedtag. He joined Unifi Protocol DAO full-time in October 2020. What Makes Unifi Protocol DAO Unique ? Unifi Protocol DAO believes blockchain technology has a crypto trouble and is striving to flip the handwriting on the industry and build a blockchain without creating a native natural gas token. Their design is to re-think what a blockchain should be, such as ripping apart the core tenets of why gas tokens need to be inflationary commodities. Or how subsidize validators with net inflation may not be the solution which allows true blockchain borrowing and businesses to thrive. How many Unifi Protocol DAO ( UNFI ) Coins Are There in Circulation ? The sum supply of UNFI tokens is 10,000,000. presently, there are about 5,800,000 UNFI tokens in active circulation on the market.

As UNFI is a multi-chain administration nominal for Unifi Protocol Dao, it is critical to its core function that it be both as decentralized and multi-chain as potential. In defend of these initiatives UNFI is available on many blockchains as a native asset with government rights. In support of this token economy, the DAO presently supports the liquid of the token on these blockchains with entire details found in Dev doctor on the Unifi Protocol web site. In addition to multi-chain support, UNFI has been distributed freely to both Launchpool participants on Binance and through staking initiatives on Ethereum. How Is the Unifi Protocol Network Secured ? Unifi Protocol is secured by a proof-of-stake ( PoS ) consensus mechanism. PoS relies on the fact that tokens are stakable to ensure the robustness of nodes and secure the mining process. This means that nodes are selected based on their interest in the given token. Unlike the proof-of-work ( PoW ) consensus method acting used by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, PoS is extremely scalable and can offer more tractability to project creators. not lone that, PoS does not require huge amounts of electric and computing power to facilitate the mining process .

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