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Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union Switches To Coinstar Coin Counting

Coinstar’s full-service solution replaces do-it-yourself equipment at RBFCU locations

BELLEVUE, Wash. ( May 4, 2021 ) /PRNewswire/ — Coinstar, LLC, the global drawing card in self-service coin count, today announced the facility of Coinstar® kiosks at 61 Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union ( RBFCU ) locations in Texas. RBFCU selected Coinstar to replace its existing coin-counting equipment and “ do it yourself ” model for Coinstar ’ s industry-leading, prison guard solution. “ RBFCU is identical delirious that our members will have Coinstar available in our lobbies so members can safely and securely have their coins counted, ” said Sarah O ’ Brien, senior vice president of operations at RBFCU. “ Coinstar is a prove, well-respected industry leader with a decades-long track read. They are a capital spouse who will help us provide a avail to members that will save them fourth dimension and help them turn their change into cash they can readily use or deposit into their RBFCU accounts. ”

Coinstar Provides Multiple Benefits to Credit Unions

  • Kiosks are serviced and maintained by Coinstar; no service contracts or capital investment
  • Coin is picked-up and handled by Coinstar; credit union employees don’t have to count, bag or handle heavy coin bins or bags
  • Coinstar kiosks are networked to ensure optimal uptime and reporting
  • Labor savings are realized, and employees are freed up to serve members
  • Coinstar is easy to use, highly accurate and a trusted consumer coin-counting brand

“ RBFCU is one of the most respected credit unions in Texas that puts its members first gear, and we ’ re pleased that they ’ ve chosen Coinstar as their coin-counting solution, ” said Jim Gaherity, CEO of Coinstar. “ Our team looks ahead to amply managing coin count at the branch grade creating efficiencies for staff and ensuring members have a positive experience at our kiosks. ”

Coinstar kiosks are easy to use and allow members to conveniently process their coins and receive cash on the spot at the branch. RBFCU plans to offer direct deposit functionality via Coinstar kiosks in the come months. This total capability lets members load coins at the booth and have the respect automatically deposited into their accounts by swiping their RBFCU debit card. Consumers can find RBFCU branch locations by visiting hypertext transfer protocol : //congnghenews.net/locations.

About Coinstar, LLC

Coinstar® is the global leader in self-service coin counting with 23,000 kiosks in North America, Europe, and Japan. More than 800 billion coins have been processed since Coinstar ’ s origin in the early on 1990s. In the United States, consumers can convert their change to cash, a no-fee eGift menu, or donate to charity at supermarket, aggregate merchant, drug store, and fiscal institution booth locations. Expanded cash services at Coinstar kiosks include purchasing cryptocurrencies and adding money into digital accounts. For brand advertisers, Coinstar now offers adPlanet™, which enables head generation on the interactional booth filmdom and a elastic digital advertise platform that sits atop Coinstar kiosks at choice grocery store locations. For more information on Coinstar or booth locations, visit www.coinstar.com .

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