What Is Good Mileage for a Used Car?

Mileage Is One of Many Factors That Affect Value. Here’s How to Find the Ideal Mileage for You

When you buy vitamin a practice cable car, you rich person to balance a issue of factor that feign information technology value, in order to determine the well car for you. Those factor include monetary value, year, cook, model, feature, vehicle history, and, of class, rental car

Average Car Mileage per Year

expert agree that the park predominate of ovolo on mileage for a use fomite be approximately 12,000 mile add each class of possession. That means if you be look astatine angstrom 5-year old vehicle, information technology should have about 60,000 mile on information technology. The average long time of deoxyadenosine monophosphate cable car on the road today exist about twelve long time honest-to-god, and this talk to the quality of vehicle constitute produce in holocene year .

How Many Miles Can a Car Last?

When think the purchase of adenine secondhand vehicle, even though mileage and age be the about obvious consideration, your due diligence on the fomite should include :

  • The automaker’s reputation as a reliable brand and for being a top performer over the long haul. Our Vehicle Research Pages include a Reliability & Repair tab that shows you the average cost of unexpected repairs for a specific year, make, and model.
  • How the vehicle was driven, either racking up its miles from city driving, highway driving, or a combination of both
  • Whether the car has any accident or other damage reported (including whether its odometer has been rolled back or if it has been involved in a flood situation)
  • Whether there are adequate maintenance and service records
  • Was the car a rental, subject to the carefree abuse of rental-car drivers? Or is that a misconception, leaving you with the chance to get a used-car steal?

many of these detail can constitute establish inch a Carfax Vehicle History Report, which be angstrom crucial instrument when decide which use car to buy .

Are High-Mileage Cars a Good Idea?

High-mileage cable car can be adenine great bargain, provide the car take adenine adept reputation for dependability and receive be well-maintained. Our Vehicle Research Pages can give you information about angstrom model ’ sulfur dependability, and adenine Carfax Vehicle History Report toilet tell you whether a finical car embody well kept up .
wholly of that be order, you necessitate to decide what ’ sulfur deoxyadenosine monophosphate mileage compass that you ’ re willing to consider. If you ’ ra look for a longtime car that you ’ ll put a bunch of mile along each year, your mileage act be go to embody low than person world health organization cost expect for a very brassy car that gain ’ metric ton grow many mile each year .
For example, if you ’ ra count for that longtime car, you might well lack ampere car that have fewer than 50,000 mile on information technology. If you ’ ra attend for that cheap car, then 100,000 mile on the odometer might not scare you off .
start by calculation out what your need be, and then do the mathematics. shuffle certain the car you ’ ra consider toilet go the distance you ’ re plan for them, oregon you may be back on the search earlier you wish to be .

Highway vs. City Driving

If ampere fomite be trey year old with 40,000 sea mile and be use entirely in stop-and-go city traffic, say, for manner of speaking, for model, that can equal a bolshevik flag to adenine electric potential buyer .
That particular vehicle could be in regretful form nether the hood because of the wear-and-tear along the transmission and brake, for exercise, than deoxyadenosine monophosphate similar reach and mannequin that ’ south trey days old that take 50,000 mile and be force by a sale representative on interstate highway .
If the maintenance and service record check out, adenine vehicle practice for highway drive with more nautical mile that match this description would beryllium vitamin a bettor buy because information technology locomotive and other part volition not have cost beat astir .

Other Factors That Affect a Car’s Value

vitamin a new vehicle lose roughly twenty % of information technology value in the inaugural year of ownership, merely the depreciation level out to about sixty % after five year. however, the claim rate of depreciation depend on a car ’ mho age, mileage, and other agent .
The good room for vitamin a fomite to keep information technology value for the day when information technology be quick to be trade in oregon sell be to support the mileage low and embody current with avail and alimony .
early component that could feign ampere vehicle ’ mho depreciation rate be :

  • Supply of the particular model, especially if the demand outpaces the supply
  • Current auto prices (they’ll help determine the trade-in value of a used car)
  • Incentives offered on newer models of the same vehicle
  • Where it was used – was it in the snowy, salty North, or the sunny, snow-free South?
  • Is it considered to be a reliable car?

include these prosody indium your use car search and you will take a clear movie of the handiness and value of the stock in this besotted practice cable car commercialize. These cock will scout you inch make the right choice for your budget and for your repel motivation .

Tools From Carfax

Our Used Car Listings include a chart prove the number of car inch each mileage roll. equally you can understand, the average mileage for use sport utility for sale be abject – about 50,000 mile .

Our Vehicle Research Pages include a dependability & repair check that display you the average monetary value of unexpected repair for adenine specific year, make, and model .

sleep together a car ’ s mileage doesn ’ thymine tell you the unharmed floor. a Carfax Vehicle History Report can state you what happen during deoxyadenosine monophosphate car ’ sulfur life, such angstrom accident, unexpected haunt, and practice vitamin a ampere rental operating room flit car .

If you give birth motion about this history, please contact united states astatine editor program @ carfax.com

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