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What Is Student Coin (STC)?

student Coin ( STC ) is a growth and blockchain solution that allows students and educational organizations to generate, design, customize and manage their own tokens and NFTs. Users of the chopine can create personalized tokens and besides choose how to exchange them. scholar Coin aims to offer a solution to the problem of tutelage fees through the implementation of blockchain technology in the field of education, bringing dividends to its holders. The all-out crypto platform provides a range of tools and products for the development of decentralized tokens, introducing blockchain into the educational sector, unite students and starting a revolution in modern department of education, according to their web site. Through Student Coin, students get access to blockchain developments and interact with each other through the STC token. With Student Coin, users can create personal tokens, decentralized loanword tokens and crowdfunding tokens, organizational tokens, NFT tokens and start-up tokens. Tokens can intersect with traditional finance, making the STC currency more legitimate and ensuring opportunities for far growth. Currently, Student Coin is approved by 500 universities around the worldly concern, according to their web site. The project was established in November 2017. The launch of the native keepsake, STC, besides took place in 2021 ( Student Coin conducted an ICO in February 2021 ).

Who Are the Founders of Student Coin ? student Coin ( STC ) was founded by Wojciech Podobas, an expert in crypto-mathematics and CEO of the plan, part of a global team of 51 members from assorted fields and esteemed universities, including students, teachers and entrepreneurs. scholar Coin was first called ALK Student Coin, standing for Akademia Leona Kozminskiego or Kozminsky University. then, in decree to be accepted by other universities, it was decided to create a fork of the ALK Student Coin and launch the current student Coin. The spinal column of the team includes Maja Synowiec ( Vice President ), Daniel Bihun ( CMO ), Sara Synowiec ( CLO ), Jacob Kozakiewicz ( CPO ) and Hugo Dutka ( CTO ). What Makes Student Coin Unique ? student Coin is a business and education platform that runs on Ethereum and Waves blockchain networks. The effect technology of the ecosystem is based on STC Terminal, STC Exchange, STC App and the STC token. STC Terminal is used by enterprises, organizations, individuals to generate and manage tokens on the platform, providing software and enabling wide-scale tokenization. STC Exchange is a public platform where users have access to all ecosystem tokens that can only be exchanged for STC. STC-based DeFi tokens can be issued on the platform, and crowdfunding of startups can besides take station. relate Pages : Read about Gitcoin ( GTC ) and SparkPoint ( SRK ). Read about Waves ( WAVES ). The latest data about Ethereum ( ETH ). Learn more about NFTs with our glossary. A guide to crypto for college students by CMC Alexandria. How many Student Coin ( STC ) Coins Are There in Circulation ?

$ STC is the native cryptocurrency of Student Coin deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. STC is a cardinal part of the entire ecosystem that powers the STC Terminal, deal on the STC Exchange, and early STC apps. As of July 2022, the utmost issue of STC is 10,000,000,000 coins, and 5.32B STC ( 53 % ) of the sum issue in circulation. The distribution of tokens is as follows : 15 % to the team and advisory control panel ; 15 % to development ; 10 % to selling ; 5 % to airdrop ; 55 % to ICO sale. Features of the STC token : A bill of worth for tokens created on the platform, which includes using a template to build all student coins ; Investors can receive passive income : stake rewards ( 13 % ) are formed from fees from trade and crowdfunding on the STC Exchange and STC Terminal ; STC holders have the mighty to vote on projects in the Student Coin ecosystem. How Is the Student Coin Network Secured ? student Coin ( STC ) is built on Ethereum and Waves. STC is an ERC-20 -compatible nominal, meaning that it runs on the Ethereum blockchain, which is secured by a proof-of-work ( PoW ) consensus mechanism. In summation, Student Coin ( STC ) has been audited by Hacken, a cybersecurity confer and product companies. Where Can You Buy Student Coin ( STC ) ?

As of July 2022, the top crypto exchanges where users can buy, sell or trade student Coin ( STC ) are KuCoin, BitGlobal, ProBit Global, Uniswap ( V3 ),, CoinTiger, HitBTC and Changelly PRO. Want to keep track of STC in real-time ? Download the CMC mobile app. Check out some universities that offer opportunities to learn about blockchain .

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