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In accord with the Fair Trade Federation ’ mho Principles, dZi Handmade is committed to :

1. Create Opportunities for Economically and Socially Marginalized Producers

dZi makes a concert feat to create clientele opportunities for producer groups that might not otherwise have the luck to sell in the export marketplace. These broadly include groups that are located in more disjunct areas, groups that employ less train artisans, such as recently arrived refugees from Tibet, groups that employ disadvantaged or disable peoples, and groups that have unique talents but are not connected to more mainstream clientele outlets.

2. Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships

dZi educates both its customers and its craftsman suppliers about the many links in the provide chain, so that all can understand and overcome the challenges of export and spell.

3. Build Capacity

dZi has worked with respective of its manufacturer partners for over 25 years ! When sales of any group ‘s products begin to lag, the party considers early marketable items for them to make. dZi avoids leaving any group behind by investing in the development of modern designs for them to produce.

4. Promote Fair Trade

dZi actively promotes fair Trade at the trade fairs it participates in by discussing its work and the work of the FTF with customers and early visitors. dZi highlights information about the Fair Trade work being done by its craftsman groups in its selling materials, and regularly discusses the Fair Trade agenda with its producer partners.

5. Pay Promptly and Fairly

dZi ‘s is committed to ensuring that the craftsman and/or producer group is paid a fair and living wage in the context of the local economy. They work with the producers to balance the costs of skill, labor, materials and the production action with appropriate net income margins and income for their community, in order to create a ennoble and sustainable business atmosphere.

6. Support Safe and Empowering Working Conditions

dZi staff visits manufacturer and exporter facilities in India and Nepal at least once a year. To the best of their abilities, dZi reviews the sour conditions at each of the production facilities we can visit and promote improvements, such as better ventilation or improved alight. Proper breathing, gloves, masks and hearing auspices ensure safer and healthier conditions for traditional Tibetan cantabile bowl makers.

7. Ensure the Rights of Children

none of dZi ’ s producer partners employ children in production. In fact, all of dZi ‘s producers help their artisans educate themselves and their children. Two of the company ’ randomness producer partners finance and manage a school for the children of their staff and workers, and for children in the local community.

8. Cultivate Environmental Stewardship

The company makes every attempt to avoid excessive packaging, uses natural or non-toxic dyes, sources locally and sustainably harvested materials, and uses non-mechanized handmade production processes whenever possible. Most product partners have systems for environmentally sound ways to dispose of waste products, such as use dyes ( all dyes are Azo absolve ). And every few years, dZi shape with producers to re-evaluate and upgrade existing facilities and working conditions to promote better environmentally sensitive practices and outcomes.

9. obedience Cultural Identity

dZi ’ s founding mission was to promote awareness and preservation of Tibetan polish through the production and sale of traditional and innovative Tibetan-style crafts. As its producer network expanded to other groups in Nepal and India, dZi besides promoted the function of the singular and autochthonal talents and production techniques of these groups.

reference : https://congnghenews.net
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